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Hay posibilidad de que en un futuro puedan venir nuevos equipos partners para esta entrega, como paso con la SS Lazio. A estos se los conoce como equipos partner. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

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Pasydy theatre nicosia betting

The position requires interacting with a large and diverse group of stakeholders on a regular basis. The ability to be organized and detailed is essential. This position requires a self-starter who is willing to take ownership of an assignment and drive it to completion with minimal supervision. Must have level of independence, show initiative and be highly motivated.

Visit our website for more information at www. The EA warned river levels are set to peak in the next 48 hours, putting further properties at risk, with the Thames, Trent and the Severn deemed to be of particular concern. Forecasters said the heavy. Only qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. This conference highlights concerns around the lack of implementation and invites Cypriot women and men, international experts, and activists from the Middle East and southern Europe to share insights on local concerns and international practice.

Pre-registration is required by email to prio. Simultaneous translation into Greek and Turkish will be provided. For programme www. The plane, belonging to Inter-Iles, had been bound for the neighbouring island of Anjouan. He alerted the pilot who decided to return to the airport, but was unable to land in time, instead plunging into the sea. Bigelow and screenwriter. The US admiral who oversaw the secret operation in May denied a claim that the Obama administration arranged for Bigelow and Boal to be given special access to.

A year-old protester died after inhaling teargas in Cairo, the second death. But opponents say Mursi is behaving like a modern-day pharaoh, a jibe levelled at Mubarak. The Mubarak regime was a dictatorship. Mursi and his Brotherhood have alienated some more moderate Muslims. ACLU sues over US policy barring Turkish PM Erdogan fumes over steamy ottoman soap women from ground combat role opera branding weekly shows historically inaccurate THE American Civil Liberties Union sued yesterday on behalf of four US servicewomen to challenge a longstanding policy barring women from thousands of ground combat positions, citing the changing nature of warfare and fairness for career soldiers.

Their career opportunities also had been limited by the policy, the women said. The Department of Defense has been dropping such restrictions. In February it allowed some women to serve in combat battalions, a unit of to 1, members, and dropped restrictions on women serving in units that were required to be based with combat units.

Suleiman had been a proud conqueror rather than the indulgent harem-lover portrayed. He spent 30 years on horseback, not in the palace, not what you see in that series. Palestinians witnessed the funeral of their hero and longtime leader eight years ago, but conspiracy theories surrounding his death have never been laid to rest.

Many are convinced their icon was the victim of assassination by Israeli agents, and may have been poisoned wittingly or unwittingly by a Palestinian. The tomb was resealed in hours and wreaths placed by Palestinian leaders including Prime. Minister Salam Fayyad. A Palestinian medical team took samples and gave them to each of the Swiss, French and Russian forensic teams.

Jordanian doctor Abdullah al Bashir, head of the Palestinian medical committee, said about 20 samples were taken and analysis would. He led the bid for a Palestinian state through years of war and peacemaking, then died in a French hospital aged 75 after a short, mysterious illness.

No autopsy was carried out at the time, at the request of Suha, and French doctors who treated him said they were unable to determine the cause of death. But allegations of foul play surfaced immediately. FRANCE said yesterday it would vote in favour of Palestinian non-member status at the United Nations, an important boost in Palestinian efforts to secure greater international recognition.

The Palestinians have lobbied for support from European countries for their bid at watered-down statehood at the UN set for tomorrow. While Israel has lobbied against them, the Palestinians are set for a sure victory in the member world body made up mostly of developing countries long sympathetic to their cause. Russian Cossacks test powers in Moscow Street patrol of men in high lambswool hats and epaulettes backed by Putin Tractors belonging to dairy farmers park on Cinquantenaire square in Brussels yesterday on the second day of a protest against EU agricultural policies.

Dairy farmers are protesting against falling milk prices caused by overproduction in Europe AFP. Ireland to clarify abortion rules within weeks IRELAND will clarify its abortion laws within weeks, the government said yesterday, as it strives to answer criticism over the death of a woman who was refused an abortion of her dying foetus. Abortions were banned in all circumstances in overwhelmingly Catholic Ireland by a constitutional. Health Minister James Reilly said.

Seized by Nazi Germany during the war and then by the Red Army in , many of the items had been stored for safety in the Hungarian National Bank during the Holocaust. Koves said he had sent a letter to Russian authorities about the religious artifacts, which are part of a larger body of art and valuables that Hungarian authorities say the Soviets took from the country when the war ended.

He had asked for Moscow to allow a delegation to document the items and then work out a process for their return. A handful of men in high lambswool hats and epaulettes paced a slushy square around a major railway station, looking for illegal trade and other infractions in what they called a trial run for further patrols in the heart of the Russian capital. While a few venders in a chilly underpass left when Cossacks approached, the patrol - unarmed and outnumbered by journalists - was uneventful for a group with a reputation as whip-wielding horseback warriors protecting frontiers from foreign threats.

The Cossacks cannot make arrests or check documents. They receive free public transport but no pay. Their past is also coloured by anti-Jewish pogroms in the tsarist era, and their nationalism is a volatile additive to tension between ethnic Russians and minorities in cities such as Moscow, where many migrants are Muslims from the North Caucasus and ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia.

Cossacks faced systematic killings and deportation at the hands of the communists following the Russian revolution, and have enjoyed a resurgence since the Soviet collapse. Putin praised the Cossacks in an article published during his campaign for the March presidential election.

The use of Cossack patrols has been on the rise in recent months, both in outlying areas of Moscow as well as their historic heartland in the southern Russian steppe. They blocked the entrance to a Moscow art gallery exhibiting art depicting Pussy Riot last month, leading to a standoff with riot police called in to disperse them.

Jobbik has never called publicly for lists of Jews. According to some accounts, one in three Jews killed in Auschwitz were Hungarian nationals. THE U. President Barack Obama was set to hold meetings with business leaders yesterday and today and then travel to a factory in Pennsylvania on Friday to press his case on taxes.

Republicans oppose this position and favour extending low income tax rates, adopted during the administration of former President George W. Bush, for all income levels. Without action by Congress, the Bush tax cuts will expire at year-end and rates will go up for most taxpayers. After 12 hours of talks, international lenders agreed on a package of measures to reduce Greek debt by more than 40 billion euros, projected to cut it to per cent of gross domestic product by That was a veiled acknowledgement that some write-off of loans may be necessary in , the point when Greece is forecast to reach a prima-.

International lenders have agreed on a package to reduce Greek debt by more than 40 billion euros ry budget surplus, although Germany and its northern allies continue to reject such a step publicly. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Athens had to come close to achieving a primary surplus, where state income covers its expenditure, excluding the huge debt repayments.

The German and Dutch lower houses of parliament. Schaeuble said he had asked German lawmakers to vote on the package this week. Greece will receive The The stock price hit a high of pence in July Oil exploration by British companies in the area has been controversial and complicated from the start. Buying Selling Pound St. The former AKEL deputy may have packaged himself as an alternative candidate, who is independent of the political parties, and answerable directly to the citizens in order to differentiate himself from the party establishment, currently at its lowest ebb, but his rhetoric remains emphatically old school.

Would he have allowed it to happen and declared that by so doing he saved our national sovereignty or would he have agreed verbally, for the sake of the economy, without having any intention of signing it? These are hypothetical questions that Lillikas would have answered with his proposal about monetising our natural gas resources, a proposal that belongs to the realm of fantasy. But this has not stopped him from claiming that his proposal would make a bailout unnecessary and create prospects of economic recovery.

And the most modest estimates are that we would need eight years before we would start to receive any cash. This is because demagogues do not offer any answers or solutions. They just make empty promises in the hope of fooling the naive members of the electorate. Want to send a letter? Send letters to the Cyprus Mail by email, fax or post. Names and addresses may be withheld from publication if circumstances warrant. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Correspondence will be published at the discretion of the editor. Successful drug treatment and disease prevention can fail to capture the attention of readers or voters. Moreover, drug safety is a leading factor in determining how medicines are regulated.

In , thalidomide, a hypnotic drug also used to treat nausea in pregnant women, was found to have caused severe birth defects in more than 10, children in 46 countries since its introduction four years earlier. But this development model is no longer sustainable. Not only is it expensive and slow, but it also has been unproductive. Many of the most widely prescribed drugs today were subject to a long process of experimentation and development, but the 12 largest companies have received regulatory approval for only new molecular compounds.

But things are changing. Doctors and their patients are now eager to gain early access to biopharmaceutical medicines — a new variety of injectable drugs, including proteins, nucleic acids, and vaccines that are produced using biotechnology. Such drugs have the realistic potential to cure forms of cancer and autoimmune diseases rather than merely treat the symptoms of disease. So access is requested earlier than the regulator normally allows in the licensing process.

This poses a dilemma, because regulators are concerned about the lack of safety information about these new drugs. But that concern might be as unnecessary as it is inhibiting. Patients with serious conditions can gain early access to promising drugs be-. The price of medicines has become increasingly important as the cost of developing new medicines such as biopharmaceuticals has risen.

Given the substantial discrepancy, cash-strapped health-care payers must assess whether the new generation of medicines represents value for money. As a result, drug developers are increasingly aware that surmounting the regulatory hurdle is no longer enough;. A related issue is the advent of what is known as personalized medicine.

In short, innovations in medical research demand an updated drug-development process in which the patient is paramount. Project Syndicate William Blake d. President Kyprianou has announced that he is ready to accept the challenge of his rival presidential candidates to take part in a joint television debate, even if that means standing one against three.

The poll suggests that many adults believe it is important for youngsters to be taught about the religion in RE lessons. Almost two-thirds 64 per cent of the more than 1, people questioned said that children need to learn about Christianity to understand English history, while more than half 57 per cent said it was important if pupils are to understand the English culture and way of life. But just over a third 37 per cent said they believe that many RE teachers do not know enough about Christianity to be able to teach it effectively.

The poll also asked which topics of Christianity should children be taught about. The most popular answer was the history of the religion, chosen by 58 per cent, followed by major festivals such as Easter and Christmas 56 per cent and how Christianity distinguishes right from wrong 51 per cent.

The poll was commissioned by Oxford as part of a new project by researchers at the university to support teachers in RE lessons. Oxford said it launched the project following concerns from inspectors and other quarters about how the subject is taught in schools. Research has suggested that teachers can be nervous about teaching issues related to Christianity for fear it could be seen as evangelising, the university said. The new centre will teach Russian language, singing, dancing and handicrafts and will boast a concert hall, similar to the one built in Russian engineers from state company Spetstroi Rossii will oversee the project, which has been contracted.

Russia eyes a rebirth in Afghan classrooms by the Russian government. Most are aimed at reinforcing stability in a country where Russia believes Washington is at risk of repeating its own mistakes. The competition was attended by students, aged , from lyceums and technical schools from all over Cyprus, accompanied by their teachers. The challenge, which focused on the current economic crisis, required the students to suggest a product or service that they could develop that would not only create jobs for other young people, but help to establish Cyprus as a.

Students had only a few hours to learn to work as a team with other students they had not met before, and to collectively shape their ideas in order to propose an innovative solution that would impress the jury. The presentations and jury questions were in English. Tel: Frankenweenie 12 K-Cineplex Screen 2 at 5. Tel: Taken 2 12 K-Cineplex Screen 4 at 5. Tel: Skyfall 12 K-Cineplex Screen 3 at 5, 7. Tel: Tel: Looper 15 K-Cineplex Screen 6 at 7.

Frankenweenie 12 Rio 2, weekdays at 6. Tel: ; KCineplex Screen 2 at 5. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 1 at 5. Tel: Taken 2 12 Rio 4 at 7. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 4 at 5. Tel: Skyfall 12 Rio 3 at 7. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 3 at 5, 7. Tel: , www. To Rome With Love 12 Rio 6 at 7. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 5 at 7. Tel: ; KCineplex Screen 3 in Greek , weekends only at 3. Killing Them Softly 18 Rio 2, weekdays at 8pm, weekends at 8.

Tel: ; KCineplex Screen 2 at 7. Paranormal Activity 4 15 Rio 5 at 7. Tel: ; K-Cineplex Screen 5 at Looper 15 K-Cineplex Screen 6 at 7. Taken 2 12 K-Cineplex Screen 4 at 5. Frankenweenie 12 Rio 6, weekdays at 6 and 7. To Rome With Love 12 Rio 2 at 6, 8 and 10pm. Tel: Looper 15 Rio 3, weekdays at 7. Tel: Paranormal Activity 4 15 Rio 5 at 9. Group mixed-media art exhibition.

Opens November 28, 7pm until January 7. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Music The Zilla Project Four-piece local blues band play live. November Tel: Hernan Romero Exclusive appearance by guitar virtuoso. Oxo Hall, 7 Themidos Street, Limassol. November December 2. November 30, 6. This workshop is appropriate for all who perceive the world through change and who aspire to being beginners again.

Registration fee by November Participants to more than six seminars will be awarded Diplomas of Attendance. Until January M Millennium building 1st floor at the University of Nicosia 8. Every Wednesday. Theatre Exhibition Giorgos Kostonis Solo painting exhibition. Opens November 29, 7.

Intercollege, 52 Famagusta Avenue, Larnaca Road. Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm. The Shoe Factory. Until November Tivoli Luna Park, Engomi, Nicosia. Monday through Friday at 8. In Greek. Until December 1. Every Friday and Saturday at 8. Until December 2. On specific days at 8. Until December 7. Wednesday to Friday at 8. Until December Until December 8. Every two weeks Wednesday through Saturday. Shakespeare in an Hour Pirasmos Productions presents the theatrical comedy.

Thursday through Sunday at 8. Samia Revival of ancient Greek comedy by Menander. Until December 9. Every Saturday at 8. The performances on December 1 and 2 will be with Greek and English surtitles. Cyprus Dialect Adaptation by Christiana Artemiou. Until January 6. Every Wednesday at 8pm.

Every Thursday and Friday at 8. Saturday: 9am-2pm. Zacharias Gallery, Irinis Street, Limassol. It will also include texts and audiovisual material. Open except Mondays: 10am Wednesdays open until 10pm. Tel: Lex Drewinski An exhibition of prize-winning posters by Polish born designer.

Monday-Saturday: Opus 39 Gallery, 21 Kimonos Street, Nicosia. Monday: 5pm-8pm. Tuesday-Friday: Penindaplinena Gallery, Limassol. Tuesday — Friday: 11am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Saturday: 3pm-8pm. Fax: Email: whatson cyprus-mail. Include full details, a contact number and good quality photos. Last Chance Other Events Who dunnit? The event, which will take place on Saturday, will open with a professional UK actor, who will stage a Murder Mystery at the pre dinner cocktail reception.

Guests will then be invited to solve the crime before the meal ends. The actor has 15 years experience in staging these events. The mystery is optional and you do not have to actively participate if you so chose but you will probably be caught up in the drama and join in anyway. While the event is fully booked, should you wish to be added to the waiting list in case of cancellation which happens more often then one realises please drop the organisers a line or give them a call.

Red and Black Christmas Ball with Intrigue Welcome drink, four course Christmas style meal with coffee, wine and soft drinks inc. Professional UK actor will stage a Murder Mystery at the pre dinner cocktail reception. Dancing to live music.

Intrigue and entertainment for Christmas. December 1. Elea Golf Club, Paphos. Black or Red Tie optional. Tel: or e-mail: mail in-any-event-biz. According to organisers, over works have been dedicated to him, by composers such as George Rochberg, Judith Weir and Hans Werner Henze. Over the years, the Anglo Cypriot Theatre group ACT has staged numerous pantomimes, including Treasure Island, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty — with great siasm to the delight of success and enthusiasm s alike and this children and adults eliver more year promises to deliver rriment.

The time round is Cinderella. The fairy tale of Cinderella is one we have all grown up with and, in many cases, have loved since childhood. But few have ever had the good forin total. Having him at the Shoe Factory is a great honour for local audiences as collaborating with museums and alternative art spaces is a major part of his work. He is the leader of the Kreutzer Quartet. He is also the author of a number of books ranging from a monograph on 19th century painting, to a major work on music in post-revolutionary Paris and London.

Previous professional collaborations with Nigel Clarke have resulted in a series. The enchanting rags-to-riches tale of Cinderella will be transformed from page to stage in this latest production complete with glass slippers, a Fairy Godmother, a pumpkin stagecoach and Prince Charming, as audiences are transported into the home of Baron Hardup, where they will meet Cinderella and all her friends. Poor old Cinderella is a lowly housemaid with a wicked stepmother and two very ugly sisters.

Will Cinde derella get to go to the b ball, meet the prince of h her dreams… and live h happily ever after? Once again you can expect the usual fun and frolics that pantomimes have become renowned for as well as a few surprises along the way and you even get two Dames for the price of one with Ugly Sisters Euthanasia and Asphyxia. Like previous seasons, there are a total of seven performances including matinee and evening shows, with performances taking place this weekend and the following weekend.

Cinderella Annual production of pantomime staged by ACT. Russian Cultural Centre, Nicosia. December 2. December 7. December 8. Tel : By Ledha Socratous. Bundle of joy: Nick Clegg and wife Miriam with their youngest son shortly after he was born in He is holding a cup of tea and wearing a tie the colour of buttercups.

Nick Clegg is a Nice Guy. Today he is shadowed by two aides with a faintly menacing air about them. They can take time off together, take it in turns, or the father can take it all. The ties that bind: Nick Clegg wants to give fathers in the UK even more time with their newborns. His Spanish wife Miriam, 44, is a focused feminist lawyer whose commitment to her own work stopped her from taking time off to help him with his election campaign. They are the hard-working parents of three boys Antonio, 10, Alberto, seven, and Miguel, three.

Miriam is expected to do it all? We were able to mix and. But no thanks to the law. Make them 8. This morning he got up at 5. S LIFE off, but Miriam was at a stage where she could take a more conventional block of maternity leave. She has emerged in softer focus, with a more colourful wardrobe and has been photographed with Nigella Lawson frying up croquetas. A day in the life of the Cleggs is not for the fainthearted.

He and Miriam are strict about ensuring one of them takes them to school and one of them is always there to put them to bed. Then I come back to Westminster. I work until late. Sometimes Miriam has to travel and I do more, sometimes I have to travel and she does more. Does he go out with them a lot? They have Arsenal shirts with their names on. Big Ben tolls outside and the aide calls time. He rounds the interview up, modestly positive, in a way that shows this is not the end of his childcare crusade.

Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. Nicosia - email: classified cyprus-mail. Directed by Peter Sandwith. AA could be the answer. Call to speak to an AA member. Physiotherapists in Nicosia. Individual assessment and supervision of exercises. More info on Call Andros for a free quote or consultation on , info akalou. All areas, call Dave, a professional sweep, now on Also available for weddings.

MOLLY is sweet and polite and very gentle. Aged around 2 yrs, she is a Pinscher cross, small sized and will do best in a quiet home. She is good with other dogs. At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact Elena on mon-frid. He is very big and strong, he is gentle with humans and adores children.

Come and meet him! Two female ginger cats, good natured and neutered. Call: 99 We also do repairs. Learn how to teach English! For more information call now on For the alleviation of aches, pains, stress and rehabilitation from illness or injury. Pafos [Konia] Personalised Clinical Pilates by. Snow is energetic and sweet. Best suited to a home with lots of space and older children she can play with. For further info please contact 99 55 95 Thank you! Selling at very low prices for clearance.

Half registration fees til the Half registration fees till the Regular amphitheatrical shape overlooking Ladies Mile. Water supply, electricity and telephones are readily available. Suitable for immediate development. Ideal for various health facilities and resorts, holiday centres, commercial and shopping centres, entertainment enterprises etc.

Information: Tel. Please note tel nos. Completely renovated, with electric supplies. Completely renovated like new. Mob : 99 Call It has been recently renovated and consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, big dining and sitting rooms, kitchen and a huge veranda. Approximate covered area sqm. Excellent condition. Open plan fully-equipped kitchen and living area, two bathrooms, air conditioning and central heating.

Big veranda. Near the town centre and University of Cyprus. Available middle of January. For many more properties with photos visit our website at www. A2LYKR, 2 bedr penthouse apartment with big veranda 60sq. For information call , For further information please call Tel Price euros negotiable Minimum contract 1 year. Simply call one of our telephone numbers listed below and speak to one of our English speaking team:.

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Enquires Long Term Rentals 1. Tala 2 bed quality furnished apartment. Stunning sea views, large balcony, well kept gardens, communal pool, quiet area. Very nice well worth seeing. Fully furnished washing machine etc. Only Euro. TALA — 2 two bed, 2 bath villa style apts on stunning quiet complex with 4 pools, with off road and underground parking. For information call: Peyia 3 bedroom villa with two bathrooms fully furnished, air conditioning throughout, communal swimming pool and parking.

Please call : Tel or Enclosed garden with 2 covered patios next to green area, cul-de-sac setting. Superb location with private covered parking and entrance. Quiet yet close to all amenities. Contact 26 or George hotel in Choraka, with breathtaking sea views. Italian kitchen, sitting and dining areas, 3 good size bedroom, with downstairs bedroom with en suite. Outside mature gardens, private pool, fantastic views, peaceful location. Downstairs bedroom with shower, sitting room with log burner, 3 bedrooms upstairs, master bed with en suite shower room.

Property has private fence and pets are welcome. Nice clean modern property with log burner, 3 good size bedrooms, master en suite, large family bathroom, garage, fantastic views of the sea. He told them that the government would examine their suggestions which would be discussed at another meeting.

Initially the government had said it would finalise its counter-proposals, at the second meeting with the party leaders, and send these to the troika. If he agrees to union proposals, he would then have to meet the party leaders to secure their agreement By night time Shiarly had changed his story - speaking on the RIK evening news from Luxembourg to where he had flown after his hair-cut - to say the counter-proposals had not been sent to the troika, which got hold of the document from the internet.

Stef Stef repeated this fairy-tale on Monday morning. On Tuesday, the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde said some proposals had been received from the Cyprus government and were being looked at. The next morning Stef-Stef, whose lying has become crudely amateurish, said the government had neither sent nor conveyed any proposals to the troika. Asked who gave them to the IMF he said they took them from the newspapers.

Next time Lagarde speaks to press, a hack should ask her in which Cyprus newspaper the IMF read our counter-proposals. He was correct. Our establishment has found out that our counter-proposals were indeed cooked up elsewhere, specifically, in the kitchens of the palazzo del popolo, with Comrade Tof as the head chef, and his merry band of economically clueless associates — Sillykiotis, Stef-Stef and his pourekka Sotiroulla.

Finance minister Shiarly, who knows a thing or two about cooking, was not even invited to chop onions and peel potatoes. This gang of four unreformed communists, without knowledge of market economics two studied political science in Bulgaria, the third engineering in Germany and the head chef history in the Soviet Union cooked up those pathetically, pitiful proposals. And it is not just our biased establishment that says so.

It emphasised tax increases, not expenditure cuts We now know that he had nothing to do with the drafting of the plan, his only contribution being to send it to the troika or tell them to read about in the newspapers and to present it as not worse than useless, despite knowing that it is.

This cash shortage is already being felt by contractors who had done work for the government months ago and are still waiting to be paid. One small contractor, who occasionally has a metrios in our establishment, said he was considering laying off three employees because he had not received the money owed to him by the state and could not afford to pay them any longer.

The government is behaving like the Orphanides supermarket chain, many of the suppliers of which are struggling to stay afloat because of non-payment by the public company. The irony is that Orphanides, is being kept afloat by the bankrupt Popular Bank, which stands to lose tens, if not hundreds, of millions if the company goes under, setting off a chain reaction of bankruptcies. The Zeus group has reportedly decided to stop the daily publication of Simerini and keep it going as a Sunday paper, from February.

The reason it would be kept going until then is the hope that the government would publish the electoral lists ahead of the presidential elections. Persistent rumours suggest that supreme ruler Zeus Hadjicostis, is currently negotiating the sale of the group to a US company dealing with hydrocarbon exploration. The municipality has been trying to increase the one per cent tax it has been collecting on all bets at the Nicosia Race Club, because revenue has fallen.

The Race Club, which had been recording big losses in the last few years, secured government permission to take bets on horse-racing abroad since last month, in order to increase its income and the cash-strapped municipality is now demanding a cut of this. The only problem is that union-approved doctors are in the towns, too far away for the farm-workers, who have no car, to ever visit them. STATE school teachers are going out of their way to earn the title of most objectionable public parasites.

They are already threatening dynamic measures against the proposed pay cuts and their unions would be meeting this week to discuss measures to disrupt education. They really have a nerve. In their defence, a union boss, said that teachers spent many non-school hours on lesson preparation, as if teachers in other countries did not.

So much time and effort is put into preparing lessons that half their students need afternoon private lessons in order to get an education. AND THEN we wonder why university students are always insisting that they should be granted everything free by the state. It is because they have had very good teachers. The head of the association of university unions complained to a newspaper on Monday because Cyprus University students, who pay no tuition fees, had to pay for materials and equipment nurses uniforms, musical instruments, design folders used in their courses.

The only problem is that it does not have the money. It is another worse than useless plan cooked up in the palazzo kitchen. He would collect a massive monthly pension, so he would still be able to make ends meet. Turkish settlers in the Karpass, according to the Turkish Cypriot press had issued an ultimatum to the pseudo-minister of education. If he did not do something about teacher shortages and big classes, they threatened to take their kids to the Greek school.

On Thursday, he thought it appropriate to make a joke about the fall of the tall tower crane which killed a British woman. He could not have been more insensitive and callous if he tried. AFTER receiving several requests from readers to publish the number of days left before the departure of the comrade chef from the kitchen, we are sad to report that there are still to go until the scheduled second Sunday of elections on February The troika suggested that after 18 months of the owner not making loan repayments, the property should be repossessed by the bank and sold.

He said these positions would be forwarded to the party leaders so the matter would be discussed at their scheduled meeting with President Christofias on Monday. The government is obviously worried that such a measure would result in hundreds, if not thousands, of families losing their homes. With more and more people out of work, there is bound to be an increasing number who would be unable to pay their instalments on housing loans. And with the recession set to continue for the next two years at least, such a measure would have devastating social consequences.

In the past, it took a bank between eight to 11 years to repossess a house for which the owner was not repaying the loan. Even if the court issued a repossession order, the case stalled at the Land Surveys Department which would take years to process it.

If the troika proposal is imposed new legislation would have to be passed, speeding up the whole procedure, but it is more than likely that the political parties would try to delay approval. Troika technocrats will have a laugh when they see these counter-proposals, which essentially would be an admission by the government that it opposes the rule of law. How else could the suggestion that legal contracts regarding housing loans did not have to be honoured, be interpreted?

The government is saying that a home-owner can refuse to repay his or her loan to the bank indefinitely and with impunity. If someone will face no consequences for not repaying a housing loan, why pay it? If it wants to protect home-owners from eviction it should come up with an arrangement, within the law.

One suggestion was the setting up of a state company that would take over housing loans, but this would incur significant costs for the taxpayer. If someone is not repaying his loan on a holiday villa or if a business cannot meet its loan obligations for office premises or a high-street shop, why should the banks wait for five years to repossess? What would happen to them if the developer, who was paid in full for the property but re-mortgaged it, has NPLs and the bank, which holds the title deed, repossesses property?

Would the government sit and watch as an owner, who has done nothing wrong, is evicted from a house for which he has paid in full, because the developer cannot repay his bank loans? There are over , people, the majority foreigners, without title deeds for properties they had bought and paid off. It would certainly have dire social consequences, which is why the government must formulate a credible counter-proposal, aimed at providing a safety net for genuinely hard-up, house-owners as well as those who have paid for their properties and have no title deeds.

This might be a costly exercise, but it would be the rational and responsible approach, infinitely better than the government advocating disregard for legal contracts. The Cyprus government, in its counter proposals to the troika, wants a five-year stay pending seizure of a property. Moreover, it proposes that owner-occupied housing be exempted from any asset seizures. Whatever the outcome, it is certain that a compromise will have to be made under the bailout negotiations, which will still leave thousands of home buyers without title deeds facing repossession of their properties due to developer mortgage defaults, unless the age-old fiasco is finally resolved.

Howarth stressed that the news provides little comfort for tens of thousands of homeowners who have been left without deeds by developers that used them as collateral for their own mortgages — in many cases without disclosing their actions to buyers. Furthermore, Howarth added that many banks were woefully deficient and reckless in their responsibility to clients by granting mortgages to people that had unknowingly bought property on land which developers had already mortgaged. But even then they cannot find out the balance of the mortgage as the bank treats this information as confidential.

It is estimated that developers have sold properties without title deeds — the documents proving ownership - to 70, Cypriots and over 30, foreigners, with the banks having first priority on the properties when calling loans. CPAG also wondered what chance there was of the troika either uncovering or being told the real extent of the title deeds mess.

Will the banks throw them out on the street if their developer defaults? Hopefully, in their forthcoming discussions with the government the troika will put forward measures to protect home buyers from what could otherwise be their Armageddon. Anti-Euro MP Nigel Farage says the troika's economic policy toward Cyprus would result in wide-spread misery for both Cypriots and expatriates in on the island. The title deed fiasco has been a constant embarrassment to the government and is partly blamed for the slump in the once booming property market, with Interior Minister Eleni Mavrou recently admitting that her office has been made aware of hundreds of complaints about deeds being sent to EU officials in Brussels.

Last year property buyers decided to change tack and pursue their title deeds through Brussels, arguing that the holding back of the deeds violates the EU directive on unfair commercial practices. According to Harman-Smith, members have been leaving Cyprus at a steady trickle for the past few years and few young people have joined.

The group consists of mostly British ex pats, many who have decided to leave Cyprus to return home or to live in other countries. We have also had a number of deaths. Stage One, which was established in by Freda Worsnop, put on their first performance in a back garden.

They moved to Emba theatre in Since then it has grown to include well over members and they now present regular performances at the seat venue. We want to continually improve the quality of our productions and having younger members will enable us to expand our repertoire. Obviously, because most of our actors are from the older generation, this limits the kind of plays which we can put on.

In addition to needing more actors, the group say they are desperately short of people to work backstage including, electricians and carpenters and the areas of lighting and sound. A large part of Stage One is the social side with regular club nights being held at the theatre every month. The group is also on the look out for people with IT skills and people to be involved in ticketing and compiling the programme. The road was closed in after a team of engineers concluded that driving conditions were no longer safe, causing some disruption for local services and residents that were forced to take lengthy diversions.

The closure affected the route between the Waterloo Road West roundabout and the junction of the Larnaca to Famagusta main road with the Pyla to Pergamos road. A crowd of about people turned up to witness the re-opening, which was preceded by a church blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the Dhekelia police station.

Repairs were conducted by local contractors, with the co-operation of the Public Works Department and the Ministry of Communications. Until yesterday, traffic travelling in the direction of Larnaca or Famagusta was diverted through Waterloo road on the Dhekelia base. The president briefed Monti on the Cyprus issue and discussed issues relating to the Cyprus EU presidency and the situation in the Middle East. Christofias said ministers from both countries were coordinating efforts at a European level on a number of issues on which they share common positions, like the Multiannual Financial Framework and the Common European Asylum System.

Christofias also met with Napolitano. The issue of reforming CoLA, which automatically alters salaries every six months based on fluctuations in inflation, has been on the cards for months, regardless of changes or not in productivity. After that, they want the payment or not of CoLA to be assessed based on a month assessment of the economy, not two quarters as proposed by the ministry, and any readjustment must be linked to an increase in productivity, growth and competitiveness.

The labour ministry has effectively proposed freezing CoLA for the next two years, and that CoLA be calculated on an annual basis, not twice a year, to be paid on January 1 each year. She said the various stakeholders disagreed on what the target of CoLA reform should be: institutional structural reform or freezing CoLA. THE government said yesterday it expected a final round of talks with international lenders to start next week, as negotiations with social partners on its counter proposals regarding the adjustment programme wrap up this weekend.

Speaking to reporters after the third meeting with parties yesterday, Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly said he expected talks with lenders — the European Commission, IMF and European Central Bank, known as the troika -- to start before the end of the month. Time is restricted and there is not much time left," Shiarly said. Officials say the government is keen for a deal by mid-November. Without that, there is speculation that the island could face a cash crunch as early as December.

A conclusion with lenders on much-needed aid has been fraught with delays as the island's government tried to get public support for an austerity package. But with presidential elections in four months, critics say the delay was due to President Demetris Christofias — who is not running for re-election -- kicking the can down the road in a bid to avoid being the one signing the raft of painful measures.

The troika submitted its proposals on July 25 following two fact-finding missions on the island. The minister said he expected a final round of consultations to conclude by the end of the week on an agreed text to be negotiated with the troika in the next few days.

Parties and the government agree on preserving the 13th salary, reforming the wage indexation system instead of abolishing it, staggered, not horizontal cuts to the public payroll, cooperative banks to maintain their independent supervision and not selling profitable semi-state companies. Disagreements include the extension of the retirement age in the public sector from 63 to 65; the creation of casinos and the rate of increase to alcohol and tobacco.

The minister expressed hope that Cyprus will avoid the public reaction to austerity experienced in other countries. None of the countries where protests took place held talks with parties and unions like Cyprus did, Shiarly said. The House Legal Affairs and Communications Committees yesterday agreed on the basic legal framework to introduce the narcotest in Cyprus after over a year of discussion on the issue.

Deputies decided that the test will resemble the procedures followed for the alcohol test. Motorists will be asked to take a preliminary saliva test. If it comes up positive, drivers will be taken to hospital for a blood test.

Those who refuse will be charged with driving under the influence of drugs and taken to a police station where they will remain until someone comes to collect them or the drugs wear off. Traffic police chief Demetris Demetriou said the narcotest can reveal which forbidden substance has been consumed by the motorist.

He added that the new legislation relates to traffic offences only and not any other criminal offences. Deputies had previously disagreed over whether motorists should be checked via urine or blood, with some MPs arguing blood tests were more precise when it came to testing for narcotics. Earlier this year, the Legal Services assured deputies that there was no question of human rights being violated if someone is asked to give blood, if it is done to investigate the possibility of a crime being committed.

There was some concern that blood-testing has only been adopted by a handful of EU states so far. TEN flights to Greece carrying some 1, passengers are expected to be affected today due to a three-hour strike by Greek air traffic controllers. Airports operator Hermes spokesman Adamos Aspris said the strike action will affect five departures and five arrivals scheduled by Cyprus Airways and Aegean Airlines.

He urged travellers to contact the airlines and their travel agents before going to Larnaca or Paphos airports. The accident, which took place on October 3, marked the beginning of a fortnight from hell for the girl and her family, her father Christodoulos Constantinou told the state broadcaster CyBC yesterday. In a letter to the health ministry, published by Phileleftheros newspaper yesterday, Constantinou said his wife took their daughter to the state dentist to repair a bad tooth.

He said the duty optician saw the burns but instead of administering first aid, in this case water, stated she had never seen such an injury and urged the family to visit a specific private optician. She started immediate treatment. Due to the delays, the seven-year-old is now in danger of permanently losing sight in her left eye. Constantinou said the family had to visit a specialist optician in Israel.

The results of the tests, he said, showed that long-term treatment was needed, while the girl has already undergone surgery to have an amniotic membrane grafted, which was brought over from the US. A spokesman for Paphos General Hospital yesterday said an investigation was underway to determine the reasons of the accident, as well as to record the action that was taken following the incident.

The health ministry, which received the written complaint on Monday, has remained tight-lipped about the matter. The Cyprus Mail was yesterday unable to get an official comment. All the deputies, who sit on the House commerce committee, unanimously agreed to send a letter to the president and the party leaders urging them not to change the legal framework under which co-op banks operate.

Archbishop Chrysostomos added his voice to this chorus on the same day. But what is the threat posed by the troika to the co-op movement?


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ACA/ACCA Trainees- Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paralimni Opapbet has made a dynamic entrance to the world of sports betting by offering players. to let in nicosia - The Aspects website. PASYDY said “workers. are under Race Club is making from taking bets on Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. A FIRE broke out during the early hours of yesterday at the betting shop “Bet on A​” in Strovolos causing extensive. damage. Theatre, Nicosia. pm. €7/ Tel: Theatre PASYDY Auditorium.