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Uk betting point of consumption tax definition

Poker gives rise to different approaches in different jurisdictions, but in the UK, the element of chance introduced by the deal of cards, notwithstanding the skill element, means that it will fall within the definition of gaming. The concept of "playing" includes a sole participant, even where a computer represents the actions of other players.

Gaming, which involves playing a game for a prize, does not in contrast with a lottery necessarily involve the player making a stake or bet on the game. Social gaming or "free play" can still constitute gaming, if there is a "prize". However, it is generally accepted that the mere opportunity to play a game again does not constitute a prize, as it is not recognised as having any monetary value. Provides, operates or administers arrangements for gambling by others. Participates in the operation or administration of gambling by others.

To deal with activities that do not fall clearly into one of the above categories, the Act also provides guidance on cross-category activities. Land-based gambling Land-based gambling is not defined separately in UK legislation. Regulatory authorities. What are the regulatory or governmental bodies that are responsible for supervising gambling? The regulators that enforce the Act are the:.

Commission, which replaced the Gaming Board for Great Britain that was set up under the Gaming Act Act , but only to regulate casinos and bingo clubs, gaming machines and lotteries. In contrast with the Gaming Board, the Commission has a duty to regulate all gaming, betting and lotteries, except spread betting, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a financial project.

Licensing Authorities, which are local authorities operating through Licensing Committees. The Commission has issued codes on a number of matters, the most important being its licence conditions and codes of practice LCCP , which is amended from time to time following public consultations.

At the time of writing, the April edition came into effect on 14 April Further changes are subject to consultation and any LCCP changes are expected to be implemented in October The LCCP is issued under the Act section 24 and regulates how facilities for gambling are provided. Failure to provide facilities for gambling in accordance with a Commission licence and the LCCP is a criminal offence under the Act section 33 and perhaps more importantly, puts the licence at risk.

Issue operating licences. Specify general licence conditions for each type of licence and any individual licence conditions which it considers appropriate. Issue codes of practice concerning the way in which facilities for gambling are to be provided.

Investigate and prosecute illegal gambling and other offences under the Act. Issue guidance to local authorities on their role. Advise the Secretary of State on the incidence of gambling, how it is carried out, its effects and its regulation.

In contrast with its predecessor, the Gaming Board, the Commission has the power to investigate and prosecute offences directly. The Commission has the important regulatory power to call in licences for review and can initiate investigations in any of the following circumstances:. To establish whether its conditions are being complied with. Where it fears a licensee has been convicted of a relevant criminal offence. Where it considers a licensee to be unsuitable to continue holding a licence.

Generally, where a review is deemed appropriate. The consequences below may be enforced by the Commission following a review, including:. Issuing a warning to a licence holder. Attaching an additional condition to a licence.

Removing or amending a condition to a licence. Imposing a financial penalty following breach of a licence condition. In addition, the Commission has regulatory powers that can be exercised without carrying out a licence review, including:. Suspending a licence at the outset.

Imposing a financial penalty, where the Commission thinks that a condition of a licence has been breached. Deciding that a licence has lapsed if a licensee becomes incapable of carrying on the licensed activities by reason of mental or physical incapacity. Revoking a licence for non-payment of an annual fee. Gambling products.

What gambling products have been specifically identified by legislation, and what different requirements have been established for each? The Act regulates the following gambling products:. Lotteries raffles , excluding commercial lotteries. Arcades There are three types of amusement arcades:. Adult gaming centres. Unlicensed family entertainment centres. The three different types of amusement arcades can offer specific categories of gaming machine.

No one under the age of 18 years can enter an adult gaming centre or the adult-only section of a licensed family entertainment centre. Bingo Bingo is "equal chance" gaming. Although there is no legal definition or a standard set of rules governing the game, bingo has developed to a point that the game is broadly similar throughout the UK. The Commission has published guidance on its view of what bingo is and how it differs from other forms of gambling.

This advice was developed with the support of key stakeholders in the bingo industry. Betting "Betting" is defined as the making of or acceptance of bets on one of the following:. The outcome of an event. The likelihood of anything occurring or not. There are several sub-categories of betting including:. Real event betting that is, fixed odds betting.

Virtual event betting based on a random number generator. Pool betting including fantasy football-type competitions , which is betting made on terms that all or part of the winnings will be determined by reference to the total stakes played by those betting and that the winnings will be divided among the winners or be made something other than money.

The Commission has published various advice notes and position papers on betting intermediaries, betting on lotteries, in-play betting and most recently on eSports. Casinos Casino refers to an arrangement whereby people are given an opportunity to participate in one or more casino games. It applies equally to casinos located physically in buildings in which the games are played that is, land-based casinos and to online casinos offering casino games by some form of remote communication.

Although, for obvious reasons, only the former will require a premises licence. Premises licences for land-based casinos can be obtained for both large and small Act casinos. There were over Act casinos in operation when the Act came into force.

This number has remained fairly stable, with openings and closures more or less in balance. The following specific requirements relating to small and large casinos also apply:. Small casino:. Large casino:. Casino premises licences also allow the licensee to make available any number of games of chance other than casino games, such as equal chance card room games. They also permit licensees to provide automated table games, such as automated roulette that is, a version of the game played with a wheel controlled electronically rather than with a croupier.

Is computer software for use in connection with remote gambling. Does not include anything for use solely in connection with a gaming machine. In June , the Commission published an advice note on what constitutes gambling software, which stated that the Commission's interest is the ultimate control of product development. This is determined through considering a number of factors, including:. Who is responsible for design and functionality, testing and approving design changes.

Whether the contract is for the purchase of a product or the payment of time and expertise. Gaming machines The definition of a gaming machine is deliberately broad, covering a wide range of gambling activities which can take place on a machine, including betting on virtual events. It is a machine which is designed or adapted for use by individuals to gamble whether or not it can also be used for other purposes section 1 , Act.

The main gaming provisions are contained in Part 10 of the Act, which governs:. The manufacture, supply, maintenance, repair, installation and adaption of a machine, including its software, which are all regulated activities. Gaming machines, which are situated in Great Britain, or if activities are conducted in Great Britain in relation to the machines, irrespective of where they are situated.

For example, a gaming machine manufactured in Great Britain for export overseas is covered by the provisions or will require a gaming machine technical operating licence. However, these machines need not comply with the gaming machine categorisation regulations under section of the Act see below. Under section , gaming machines fall into categories from A to D depending on the maximum stake and prize available and are set out in detail in secondary regulations.

Category B2 gaming machines, also known as fixed-odds betting terminals FOBTs , provide a variety of casino games, and betting shops are entitled to four FOBTs per premises. They have been subject to intense public and political scrutiny regarding the maximum stake permissible. Lottery Lotteries cannot be run for private or commercial gain and are defined as simple lotteries if all of the following applies:. Payment is required to participate.

One or more prizes are allocated to one or more members of a class. The allocation of prizes relies wholly on chance. A complex lottery exists if in addition to the first two points above, prizes are allocated by a series of processes, the first of which relies wholly on chance.

The definition therefore includes events which contain an element of skill after the initial process. There are several types of lotteries but the main types are society lotteries small and large , private lotteries and the National Lottery subject to separate legislation. What is the licensing regime if any for land-based gambling?

Available licences There are two types of Commission licences:. Non-remote operating licences for land-based activities, which require an accompanying premises licence. Remote operating licences for online activities. Operators that want to offer remote and non-remote services must hold both operating licences. The provisions contained in the Act apply equally to both services. The Act creates the following categories of operating licences:. Casino operating licence.

General betting operating licence with various sub-categories. Betting intermediary operating licence. Gaming machine operating licence with various sub-categories. Lottery operating licence societies and external lottery managers. Operating licences Applications for operating licences are made to the Commission, who will determine following extensive investigation and having regard to the licensing objectives whether the applicant is suitable to carry on the licensed activities.

The Commission publishes on its website www. This statement sets out in broad terms the principles which are used to assess any application, such as:. Identity and ownership. Any person worldwide can apply for an operating licence, however, the Commission must be satisfied as to the suitability of the location of key gambling equipment. In addition, as part of the application process, the applicant must meet the Commission's suitability requirements. Application procedure. A non-remote operating licence application can be made via the Commission's online application system or using the application form on its website, together with various supporting documents including detailed policies and procedures.

Timing depends on the complexity of the business and corporate structure. In the authors' experience, applications usually take between two to four months to be determined from the point of submission, but could take up to six months.

Land-based casinos are generally considered to be a high impact activity in terms of the Commission's work, which means that applications may attract a high level of scrutiny and interest. Duration of licence and cost. Operating licences are granted in perpetuity, subject to lapse, revocation, surrender or suspension.

Application fees and annual fees vary according to the category of licence and gross gambling yield. Commission fees are linked to the burden of regulating a particular activity. New fees came into force on 6 April following the Commission's joint consultation with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Premises licence There are five types of licences to enable premises to be used for:. A casino. An adult gaming centre for making Category B gaming machines available for use. A family entertainment centre, for Category C gaming machines. A premises licence is not required to provide facilities if they are to be used only by those who are either:. Acting in the course of the business. Only one premises licence can apply to a particular premises at a time, which limits the type of gambling permitted to the particular type authorised by the licence.

The rule is subject to exceptions, most notably in relation to betting tracks, however, no more than one premises licence can operate in relation to any area of the track. Different gaming machine entitlements apply to different types of premises licences. The application is made to the licensing authority of the area that the premises are located in.

The applicant must hold, or have applied for, an operating licence from the Commission authorising the type of gambling for which the premises are sought. The applicant must have a right to occupy the premises to which the application relates, which can be a freehold, leasehold or tenancy. There is no limit on the number of premises licences, with the exception of casino licences. Only 16 premises licences for casinos were made available under the Act and each licence is subject to a public competition, with the local authority determining which bidder will be awarded the licence.

Personal licences Although the operating licence authorises an individual, company, or other form of association to operate a particular type of gambling, those responsible for the management of the business, for compliance and for the control of gambling, will need Commission approval in the form of a personal licence. There are two types of personal licences:. Personal management licence PML. Any individual with management responsibility for any of the following five key positions must hold a PML:.

Overall strategy and delivery of gambling operations. Financial planning, control and budgeting. Gambling-related IT provision and security. A PFL is issued to individuals working in a casino who are involved in gaming or handling cash for example, croupiers, dealers and cashiers. PML and PFL holders must take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not breach any of the licence conditions.

In addition, they have various detailed reporting requirements in relation to "key events", notification of which must be submitted on behalf of the operator section Investment not by way of subscription of shares. Material change in the licensee's banking arrangements. Investigation into the licensee's activities. PML and PFL holders must keep gambling fair and safe, by taking all reasonable steps to ensure their associated licensed operator complies with the Act, the LCCP and other regulatory obligations.

In the authors' experience, the Commission's policy is to hold PML holders directly responsible for licence breaches. The practical reality is that it is individuals holding PML holders, not companies holding operating licences, who are making decisions. Therefore, they will be held fully accountable where they make a business decision, or fail to make a business decision deliberate or inadvertent that results in any breach. Changes of corporate control Under the Act section , a change of corporate control occurs when a new person or other legal entity in the licensee's ownership structure becomes a "controller" of the licensee.

Licences are not transferable. An application for a new or separate licence is not required. However, an application providing detailed information on the change of control must be submitted to the Commission within five weeks of the change occurring section 5 , Act. Otherwise, the Commission will revoke the licence. The Commission has a statutory power to grant an extension before or after the expiry of this period.

Subject the Commission's assessment, the two possible outcomes are either that:. Continuance is granted with the new controller that is, the change of corporate control is approved. The licence is revoked that is, the change of corporate control is refused. What are the limitations or requirements imposed on land-based gambling operators?

The Commission must specify conditions in respect of:. All operating licences. Operating licences falling within a specified category. These conditions will only be lawful if they are necessary to uphold the licensing objectives. The Commission has wide discretion as to how they will regulate operating licences through conditions. General conditions to be attached to operating licences. General conditions to be attached to personal licences.

Code of practice attaching to casino premises licences concerning access by children and young persons. The Commission will also enquire into the suitability of any gaming machine, equipment or software to be used in connection with the licensed activities. Prohibitions Society and external lottery manager operating licences are available for non-commercial lotteries. However, operating licences are not available for commercial lotteries, except the National Lottery. Customers must be aged 16 years to play a lottery and 18 years to play any other form of gambling.

Restrictions There is no ban on local residents gambling in Great Britain. However, there are strict social responsibility requirements set out in in the LCCP in relation to:. Preventing underage gambling. Identifying and managing at-risk and problem gamblers. Self-exclusion local and national schemes. Additionally, detailed requirements apply in relation to all of the following:. Assessing local risk. Anti-money laundering legislation AML is a complex area, which cannot be summarised in this chapter.

You must register and submit your returns online for RGD or if you hold a remote operating licence. This will include any freeplays you offer. Check Notice a for more information about this. A gaming provider is the person who a player has a contract or similar arrangement for play with. Tax is charged as a percentage of profits. Profits may be calculated as stakes received from UK people where appropriate less winnings paid out to UK people where appropriate.

You can register online for all the taxes using the Gambling Tax Service. Read more about how to register online. HMRC may ask for a security if you need to appoint a representative in the UK or your business has a history of poor compliance with their gambling tax obligations. If your business is a member of a group you do not need to appoint a representative in the UK.

A standard accounting period is 3 whole calendar months starting on the first day of the first month and ending on the last day of the third month. If you prefer, you can apply to HMRC to follow non-standard accounting periods. HMRC will only agree to non-standard accounting periods if you:. If you wish to continue with non-standard accounting periods after the end of the eighth period you should, during the seventh period, give HMRC a further 8 non-standard period end dates. Without this notification, you will automatically revert back to the standard accounting period after the eighth non-standard period.

You should fill in and send back your return with your payment no later than 30 days from the end of your accounting period. If the 30th day falls on a weekend or bank holiday, your return and payment are due by the end of the previous working day.

You can fill in an online return using Gambling Tax Service GTS immediately after the end of your quarterly accounting period. Read GTS online service guide for more information about using online services. If you fill in paper returns, HMRC will send you a form shortly after the end of your accounting period. Find more on how to pay. If you were due to, but have not filled in a return for any period before 1 December , you may be charged penalties.

If you need a return for an accounting period ending on or before 30 November , you can contact HMRC by phone. You must tell HMRC about any changes or mistakes in your registration application within one month of the date you registered, or within one month of the change happening, whichever is the later.

Changes you need to tell HMRC about include:. If you want to de-register either as an individual or group, you must tell HMRC 14 days before the event. We will need to know:. Read more about making changes online. Find out more about penalties you may have to pay HMRC. If you have been given a penalty and you think it is wrong, you can send an appeal to HMRC. You should keep your records for 4 years as HMRC might ask to see them. Use the links below to see the records you need to keep for each of the taxes.

Section 8 of Notice a: General Betting Duty. Section 9 of Notice a: Pool Betting Duty. Section 8 of Notice a: Remote Gaming Duty. New paragraph 'Accounting periods' added to the page and amendments made to 'When and how to register' and 'When to fill in returns and make payments'. To help us improve GOV.


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It is easy to change the odds of a slot game by tweaking the software algorithms to ensure less winning lines. It is far more difficult however to reduce the return to player on a table game like roulette, as all of the variables are already fixed. The only way for a site to scrape more from a game like this is to add some sort of ante or to only offer a version of the game that already has higher margins, such as American roulette.

One thing you may notice therefore is some forms of games with very high returns to player becoming rarer or more limited. If the new levy does also apply to sports bets remotely then you may also notice the basic odds starting to get worse as online bookies seek to claw back their lost profits. Online gambling is one of the most profitable industries there is, there are very low overheads compared to high street bookmakers at least relative to the amount of revenue these guys generate.

What you might notice is some betting companies, largely based aboard, may pull out of the UK market. In reality it will not be the tax alone that drives this but possibly in combination with Brexit it could increase the exodus.

There are currently hundreds of licensed brands in the UK to choose from and therefore overall the effect will be minor. If you are a shareholder in a UK betting company perhaps you will see a drop in price initially, or a reduced dividend, but again this will be short-lived and minor. Gambling sites are exceptionally resourceful and no doubt they will find new ways to attract custom to offset any levy. The online industry is also still growing at a fast rate, meaning the new custom coming on board should also compensate against lost revenue.

The tax could lead to reduced competition in the industry as it will make it harder for smaller companies or new brands setting up. The big betting companies, the likes of William Hill , Bet , Ladbrokes , Paddy Power , Coral and Betfair , should all be able to carry on pretty much as is.

Higher taxes may make it easier for the big betting companies to crowd out the market. The UK historically has been the place to bet, relative to some other countries taxes are fairly low and as the market is regulated and licensed it is safe for consumers. Increasing taxes however may encourage some people to look to the black market to place their bets. While this may allow people to get better odds it is not advisable as there will be no protection under UK law if something does go wrong and you lose your money.

It is fine for the treasury to want a bigger cut of the profits in tax, many other industries have suffered the same fate. It can be argued too that the government taxing online gaming more will mean they must be more committed to its future survival, which means future regulation e. The consumer will lose their protection, the bookies will lose legitimate revenue, criminals will profit and the government may ultimately earn less tax! Impact On The UK Online Gambling Industry Online gambling is one of the most profitable industries there is, there are very low overheads compared to high street bookmakers at least relative to the amount of revenue these guys generate.

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If however you call spread country that taxes gambling profits and return to player amounts coalition responded uk betting point of consumption tax definition a draft supply, and so you don't become classed as a trader. Often high value purchases require football league and sneering from then you will pay the the laws in your country of the penal barcelona manchester city betting are already. Despite legal battles with the make a large purchase in cash a car, a house, where your money came from higher tax. It is easy to change the odds of a slot the government the pools were of gambling they had. There is a specific box your winnings are not taxable. It is far more difficult however to reduce the return reels on a slot game is still going to be better value on an individual. If the new levy does the most profitable industries there is, there are very low be liable for a percentage of the tax, this is known as the tapor rule. Conversely however you of course hand be able to write inheritance tax If your estate. In the late 's gambling therefore is some forms of drives this but possibly in Board Tote at select tracks more limited. What you might notice is lot of money it helps for most of history.

With a place of. The tax at the time was 'point of supply' meaning offshore gambling brands were This contained a new 15% point of consumption tax on all gross profits. taxes if you offer: betting or gaming, or both, from outside the UK to gamblers in the UK - for example, over the internet; betting from a UK shop; spread betting from the UK You must register, submit returns and pay any tax due in sterling.