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Hay posibilidad de que en un futuro puedan venir nuevos equipos partners para esta entrega, como paso con la SS Lazio. A estos se los conoce como equipos partner. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

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Paragka nicosia betting

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The statistics refer to the infobeto's Tipsters only listed in the list Orange colour.

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Many companies during these hard economic times may have financial marketing limitations but we will not forget that from little acorns big oak trees grow. Paphos best kept secret - Page 27 12 www. In this seminar you re going to learn Bonus We will have top local advertising experts on hand to work with you individually during the workshop.

You can brainstorm together to create great converting advertsing messages that will bring you more sales for less effort. The first of the Bard s plays that I saw was a school production of A Midsummer Night s Dream in which my older brother played Puck in a rather fetching tie-dye T shirt and shorts combo. As you can see from these two photos this avant-garde approach to costuming has remained throughout his career after Puck many professional roles followed including narrating a series of Shakespeare plays on CD although Puck proved to be his first and final Shakespearean stage endeavour.

My second go in a Shakespeare audience was at the far end of the scale - my mother having received a cash windfall decided to treat the family - not to a day trip to Thorpe park or a colour TV but a family outing to Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare s birthplace and museum town for a pub lunch stroll around the pond and shops and a matinee in the true setting.

Mother tells me we saw Kenneth Brannagh as Henry V - although I can t actually recall anything of the play or even the day although I do remember my schoolteacher being most impressed with my what I did at the weekend homework the following week. I m ashamed to say that after that two decades passed before I saw another of the Bard s plays on stage. Over breakfast one morning a few years later Aidan suddenly spluttered into his cornflakes and announced that he had an audition for Romeo in three hours and although he had memorised his piece and was confident of his acting he d just found out that he would be expected to discuss the play with the panel and had never read it so could Mum please explain the plot I listened in whilst finishing my toast thus learning the great story.

Handy having an English teacher for a mum. Later that month the cinema where I worked as an usherette showed Baz Lehrmann s cinematic version of Romeo Juliet with the beautiful Clare Danes and Leonardo di Caprio in the title roles. I fell in love with the film from the first frame - where Ms Danes adorned with party wings appears gazing through the far side of an aquarium.

I knew the plot of course and whilst fully aware and accepting that the two main characters would be dead by the end the film was a third way through when it dawned on me that the handsome man played by Harold Perrineau - Mercutio - would be killed defending his best friend s honour and the thought had me burst dramatically into tears of woe. Considering that 1. I was dressed in the cinema uniform and carrying a tray of ice creams this attracted all kinds of baffled looks.

I saw Kenneth again and thorough enjoyed his film of Much Ado about Nothing with Kate Beckinsale as heroine Hero but still kept away from the plays on stage - although that wasn t so much a decision but that I spent many years working for a chain of west end theatres and got to see everything they presented for free - and thus never felt like paying to go elsewhere.

Leaving the UK for Zakynthos and then Cyprus meant a huge improvement in almost all aspects of lifestyle but theatre wasn t one of these and regular readers will know how much I miss the west end s musical theatre scene. I d always heard nothing but good about these presentations but one way or another missed every one for several years only managing to rectify this shoddy situation last night when I took a trip to the two thousand year old site to see Twelfth Night.

I enjoy venturing out of Pafos where everyone knows everyone - or more specifically everyone knows and approaches me and more than half the time I don t know them - everyone knows my voice from radio but that only works one way Last night s excursion was a treat to be surrounded by strangers and more importantly with one fabulous exception I didn t know a soul in the cast and could enjoy the whole thing completely objectively.

I loved it. The setting the play and the company were all new to me and the production was superb. Set in the twenties with imagination and respect both for the period and the play Twelfth Night opened up before me with a small orchestra of small musicians - 14 year old boys from the nearby school playing trombone saxophone guitar and keyboards not only to begin and end each act but also blending in with the play and providing backing for cast members who at times sang.

These lads played music they had most likely never heard before taking their cues from actors several meters away and facing the opposite direction yet played with confidence subtlety and aplomb. The cast of twenty were without exception strong talented actors with full sympathy for the piece and thoroughly believable.

The casting was astonishing - each role justly filled - the twins even looked and behaved liked twins. The set - the one thing I d seen in advance as stage manager Bob Pearce has been building it at Stage One Theatre which I frequent - worked well with the Ancient Curium setting and depicted both a boat and a grand house effectively. Props were minimal sound equipment used only for recordings and piped sound - such as the disembodied voice of the incarcerated Malvolio - and actors and musicians projected without amplification as the amphitheatre s design intended over two millennia ago.

The piece supported local charities as it has every year - during the last half century the annual Shakespeare production has donated over a million euros to Cyprus good causes. Next year s play has yet to be announced but will take place in June and verily I shall most definitely be there. Since then has worked all over the world as Dino. So don t miss out on the chance to join the King of Cool. Volare is a trip down memory lane bringing back to life the voice charisma humour and lovable antics of everyones favourite ratpack hero Dean Martin.

Andrea Morrelli perfectly captures Dino in everyway possibe looks voice mannerisms and his wonderful tasteful humour. As Producer and Director of his own Rat Pack shows in Cyprus Andrea has decided to take the advice of many of his rat pack fans who wanted to see more of him and Volare was created to do just that by his fiancee Karen Kendall.

The songlist is vast filled with everyones favourites. Volare is a non-stop parade of Dean Martin Magic That will have you singing along laughing dancing and most of all smiling all the way home The release of Andrea Morrelli s Film Rat Packing in Cyprus is due out any month with fantastic behind the scenes clips of the boys in action A true story of the stress work laughter and practical jokes.

Though faced with backstabbing and betrayal by his cast members Andrea Morrelli s strength of character ensured the eventual success of the most successful production seen in Cyprus in recent years A true advocate for local and National charities raising over 40 euros in 2 years Typical Comments often made about Andrea Morrelli are Your Our favourite rat pack singer we want to see more of you you look and sound so much like Dean Martin your the best tribute weve ever heard or seen you are a Legend Duets with the wonderful Karen Kendall are amongst some of the highlights of the show e.

Tickets are 7. But now new research reveals that UK consumers have around 30 billion worth of clothes which they haven t worn for a year hanging around in their closets. In the last year alone we left a staggering 1. But with more than two thirds of shoppers willing to buy and wear pre-owned clothing the report highlights ways in which consumers and businesses can benefit from taking at a fresh look at our leftovers - both financially and environmentally. The Valuing our Clothes report from WRAP the UK s leading body on resource efficiency provides the first big picture of the impact of our clothing choices.

It also offers a fresh look at the financial and environmental aspects of the whole journey of clothing - from raw material to manufacture purchase use and disposal of our clothes. Each stage of that journey has a significant environmental impact the authors point out. But a third of all of the clothes we buy end up in landfill which is bad for the environment and bad value. However there are significant opportunities to generate revenue of around million if all these clothes were given to charities local authorities or other organisations for recycling or re-use.

WRAP say these existing options or indeed new business opportunities could keep more clothing out of the bin and landfill ensuring value is retained for longer. Consumers can realise the value of clothing by updating existing items for their own use or selling or donating them for others to use. There are also significant opportunities for industry to capitalise on consumer interest and gain financially. The body says that making more use of these clothes through re-use and other routes such as design changes alteration repair and recycling will benefit both families and firms across the country.

It also goes a step further by identifying potential new business models for industry that can add to the bottom line increase the range of services or stimulate markets. Another new business opportunity is retailers establishing buy-back schemes which enable customers to sell own-brand clothes they no longer want back to the shop for re-sale. With more than half of those surveyed saying they would sell back items and over two-thirds happy to consider buying returned clothes this type of initiative could provide an extra income stream from a ready customer base.

Liz concludes This research clearly shows there are real financial and environmental benefits to be reaped from valuing our clothes more. Leicestershire man dies in Cyprus during visit for pal s wedding A year-old man has died in Cyprus while visiting the island for a friend s wedding. Daniel Brewster who lived in Nailstone was left fighting for his life following a late-night incident on June The nature of the accident which led to the injuries is not clear.

But it is understood that the welder who was in Cyprus to be best man at his friend s wedding had been in an induced coma at the Nicosia General Hospital. He died on the 4th of July. His girlfriend Hannah-Marie Shaw had been by his side at the Mediterranean holiday destination since he was admitted to hospital. His mother Karen had flown out.

Hannah-Marie said I was with him until the end. Dan was a fun-loving individual he was happy laid-back loved nature and the outdoors. He was also a very sensitive soul when it came to family and myself. He hated any confrontation. He will be truly missed by so many people including myself his girlfriend of nine years his family and everybody who knew him.

Oh and his pet lurcher Bella. She said Dan who lived with her and her parents loved outdoor activities including falconry which he was introduced to at an early age by his uncle David Luther. He always had birds of prey and ferrets since a toddler. He enjoyed spending time with his friends like any other man of his age.

Everybody is so saddened. No words can explain how we are currently feeling. We don t have any arrangements made yet for the funeral and so on. We are waiting for his body to be flown back to the UK. A member of the family who did not wish to be named said The community family and friends even strangers have shown us such great support and we want to thank everyone who has been there for us at this much needed time.

We are providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time. Nicolaou who was replying to a question on the matter said that the Republic has submitted the warrant to the court and the court will decide whether it will be executed or not. Paphos best kept secret - Page 27 18 www.

The award is for British female entrepreneurs who have significantly contributed to the professional and arts communities in Cyprus generating awareness for the environment embarking on training and self-development courses and enhancing good community relations. Michelle is delighted with the award but says it s really the hard work of the whole team at Care At Home Cyprus not just her The award was announced and presented during a fabulous ceremony at Elea Golf Estate in Paphos.

Care at Home Cyprus started in as an off-shoot of a long established Scottish care at home provider. Since then Care at home have developed their own unique identity rooted in the needs of people living in Cyprus and they are now a fully independent company based in Paphos dedicated to caring for people in their own homes. Care at Home s philosophy is every person is a unique individual with the right to be in control of their own life and the right to remain in their own home and maintain their chosen lifestyle.

Their goal is to make this a reality for people in Cyprus who need support or assistance to help them and their families live life to the full. Care at Home provides a real alternative to residential care or employing a live-in carer. Individual requirements vary widely so a flexible range of services are offered from a short visit each week up to total care for twenty four hours per day.

Care at Home offer a reliable flexible professional service which is sensitive to the needs of the people we meet and work with. At all times their clients remain in complete control of their own lives. Care at Home s dedicated and highly skilled team are there to provide whatever care and support is needed to enable and empower clients to remain in their own homes.

Unattended grave stones just forgotten A ndrea Etherington from Paphos recently lost a loved one during her time visiting the place of rest she noticed how many graves and become disheveled. Many commented about the appearance in retrospect of the grave she had personally maintain against the others to the extent Andrea got thinking to be offer a service maintained grave stones and memorials.

Andrea s has a family history in grave maintenance and restoration which stems back from a historical interest in her own family where she traced family history and said memorials which she located but found it satisfying to find these memorials and graves to be in a more prestige and respectful condition even though they were over years old. Andrea investigated the UK market and found numerous companies offering this service but none listed in Cyprus.

She has taken into consideration that we know how important it is that a loved ones final resting place is cared for in a dignified and respectful manner. Andrea is also aware that sometimes it is not possible to visit maybe due to age or the distance involved or simply because of the demands and stress of lifestyle. This might mean that only to often graves become untidy with memorials getting dirty and possibly in some cases even damaged.

Andrea set up Forgetyounotcyprus it is a family orientated company offering a professional grave and memorial restoration service caring for the final resting place of loved ones. She understands that this can be a delicate emotion. Here are some tactics to help you stay positive and improve your prospects fessional might act as a consultant for local school looking to spruce up their website.

This looks considerably better on a CV than a blank three months. Consider Freelancing When unemployed most people envisage getting back into work fairly quickly and on similar basis to their previous post. But you need to be more flexible in your thinking and perhaps consider freelancing while looking for a permanent salary. Freelancing is a great way to keep skills sharp increase networks earn income and enhance the CV.

Just make sure that if what you really want to do is get back into full-time and permanent employment that the demands of freelancing don t get in the way of your real ambition. Network Some of the best jobs are found by the most effective networkers. Networking can uncover job opportunities arm you with first-rate intelligence to help you shine during the interview process or lead to a foot-in-the-door. Networking come in two parts the existing network such as friends family ex-colleagues college chums etc and then the potential network which is yet to be made.

Start with the existing network reconnect with people be social and be helpful. Then establish where there are gaps in your network and start meeting people at events conferences and seminars. Looking for work requires self-motivation planning bravery and hard graft while often being under pressure financially emotionally and mentally. But there are a number of tactics you can employ that will help you remain focused and upbeat while also improving your employment prospects.

Do an online Audit Increasingly companies are recruiting on platforms such as Facebook Twitter and Linkedin and job seekers can find opportunities in these digital spaces. It s extremely important that your online profile benefits your jobhunt not jeopardises it. For instance check your privacy settings on Facebook and ensure there are no embarrassing photos or comments that might be seen by employers.

Be mindful of what you tweet or retweet social bravado and criticism of past employers for example won t endear you to a company seeking a new recruit. Take time to polish up your profiles. Are they full of the sort of information such as your qualifications and contact details. Take a Break If you were employed would you work non-stop with no breaks no weekends off and no holidays Of course not and it doesn t change when you become a full-time un-salaried job hunter.

A lack of money can curtail any plans for a getaway but there are numerous ways job hunters can build in some respite for themselves and their family. Keep weekends and evenings clear of any job hunting activity. When it gets to 6pm switch off the computer step away from the internet and focus on other things. Taking regular breaks during the day as if you were at work too go for a walk eat your lunch away from the desk and refuel the batteries this Volunteer Offering your skills knowledge and time for free can have major benefits for job seekers.

For example it can break the isolation by getting you back into a team-work environment or improve your self-esteem that may have been damaged. Employers like to see that people have remained busy and focused inbetween jobs especially if the volunteering role is related to the field. Must be able to do pedicure manicure waxing and massage. Candidate will be paid on a commission basis. Please send c.

Successful candidate will be contacted for an interview. Spa Receptionist - found on angloinfo A spa receptionist position is available at a spa in Miliou. The successful candidate must be friendly well presented and have a good knowledge of English and Greek. Computer experience is important. Please send cv and a photo as well as telephone contact number to price. Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview. Org We are now looking for a trainee damp proof installer excellent opportunity to join a young growing business.

Please email us your CV to andrew dampproofing. You have the flexibility to work your own hours contacting potential advertisers in Paphos to offer our promotional advertising space in the newspaper. You are required to have access to the Internet as we provide a Skype account where you can make telephone calls at no cost to you to call potential advertisers. A driving license is also and advantage but not essential and the majority of the work can be conducted by telephone and email.

Excellent English Required If you wish to apply for this role please send your CV to info cyprusreporter. Floorshow 7 4. Spooky 5 7. Detection device 5 9. Vertical 7 Inactivity 7 Measuring implement 5 Dictator 6 Ecclesiastic 6 Copious 5 Drawn 7 Pouch worn with a kilt 7 Diadem 5 Admittance 5 Spiny anteater 7 Down 1. Transported 7 2. Emblem 5 3. Tropical bird 6 4. Mistake 5 5. Dependable follower 7 6. Magnitude relation 5 Reinforcement 7 Reasoned judgment 5 Musical passage 7 Opportunity 6 Part of a church 5 Ahead of time 5 Obviate 5 Across 1.

Large house 7 5. Pieces of information 5 8. Profits 5 9. Gruesome 7 Retaliated 7 Form of transport 5 Hostility 6 Stick 6 Permit 5 SIncere 7 Creatures 7 Doctrine 5 Ledge 5 Sweet 7 Down 1. Tycoon 7 2.

Dissonance 5 3. Perceptiveness 7 4. Wanderers 6 5. Aspect 5 6. Vegetable 7 7. Austere 5 Discomfort 7 Mocks 7 Pull out 7 Stopped 6 Accumulate 5 Dock 5 Bird of prey 5 How to save on Fuel 1. A regular tune up on your car can do wonders A regularly tuned up car will not only mean longer life span of the vehicle but can also guarantee better fuel mileage. You don t have to drive the newest model just to ensure better fuel mileage. The performance will entirely depend on how you maintain your car s condition.

If everything is working quite perfectly you can be sure that you get better fuel mileage which means less fuel refills. Are you a racer If not then try to drive a little slower. Driving faster than the wind won t only get you into trouble but can also waste a lot of fuel without you knowing it.

Experts say that traveling velocity can put a great impact on your fuel use. That is a lot of fuel you have there and when converted into dollars that is simply overspending. Be wary of your filter s condition Filters may seem one of the most neglected parts on a car. Most motorists don t understand the importance of air filters. Filters make your car s engine more cost-effective.

It can create more force and energy and of course better fuel consumption. Besides having clean air filters all the time will ensure your car engine s optimum performance and durability. So whenever you are on the road try not to accelerate more than what is recommended. Try to anticipate as well the traffic ahead so that you can apply measured steady brake. Check your tires If your tires are deflating more whenever you drive you are actually taking more money from your pockets.

Why Simply because the less efficient your tires are the more fuel you use and not just because they deteriorate faster. It is best to always keep your tires well inflated according to the manufacturer s instructions.

Organize your shopping trips Getting things organized not only makes life easier to bear but can also save more on your expenses. Consider this try to budget your food consumption for the week and have all your groceries bought on a single day. It would be best if you can find all of the things you need in a single store.

In this way you can cut back on fuel use. Reduce wind resistance If you will be driving on a highway it is best to keep your windows closed so as to lessen that drag. Dragging can aggravate fuel consumption. Remember your physics It will definitely take more force just to push your car through the wind and this would mean using more fuel than usual. All of these things can in some way or another help you save on fuel.

Just try to be conscious of where your money goes and it will be easier for you to find cost-effective ways to save more money. Can you find thirty-five countries in the box They may be horizontal vertical or diagonal forwards or backwards. The rules of Sudoku are simple. Place a digit from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so every row every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. Anna Michaelidies founder of Young Stars said this gives any youngster the opportunity to be taught by a world class renown tutor.

Young Stars is a Theatre school providing exceptional training in all aspects of performing arts and theatre. Anna said I believe that the classes we offer in dance drama and music not only compliments each other but most importantly enables students to become all round performers whilst gaining confidence making friends and having fun Young Stars encourages students to participate in local community events or theatre productions and recently performed at a local Charity event held at the Crazy Spoon in Paphos and are also planning a Mamma Mia event.

Young Stars was founded in October by Anna Michaelidies who started her professional training from 10 years of age in London as a full time student at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. Anna was taught by some the worlds most well known teachers choreographers and professional performer s in the music theatre world. Anna also worked as a session singer for television and Radio Ads Jingles whilst teaching at Sylvia Young s.

The Young Stars team of teachers are qualified and specialise in their field details of training and professional work experience is available online www. The shelter houses approximately dogs and puppies at any one time. Dogs are still being abandoned on a daily basis but the lucky ones that come to PAWS Dog Shelter are given the best care and treatment. They are fed with a brand of complete dog food plus rice bread and minced chicken which is cooked for them on a daily basis. Many dogs are un-recognisable after a couple of weeks stay as they respond very quickly to some tender loving care.

Unfortunately there are so many dogs being brought to the shelter that others need to be re-homed urgently to make space for the new cases. PAWS dogs come in all shapes and sizes and range in ages from young puppies to the more mature adults. All of them deserve a loving home. See below the PAWS featured monthly dogs that require loving owners urgently.

To re home a dog support or volunteer at PAWS call 99 today Monthly Dogs Appeal Julias spaniel mix about 3 years old very friendly Collen is a lively friendly Collie cross about 2 years old. Loves being cuddled Mr Brown terrier mix about 18 months old friendly Rosie small hunting breed very friendly and affectionate. About 2 years old 22 www. One of them to be a sofa bed. Telephone guest wc. Telephone bedroom end townhouse. TALA spacious 2 bedroom apartment telephone with very large covered balcony with amazing sea views.

British Airways has announced the launch of a brand new flight route from London Gatwick to Larnaca in Cyprus. The flights were celebrated in style at Gatwick Airport by Britain s Got Talent stars Stavros Flatley who originally hail from the Mediterranean island. Celebrating the new flights to their home country Demi Demetriou one half of the father-son duo said We were dancing for joy when we heard that British Airways would be starting the flights. We go back to Cyprus for holidays and to visit friends and family every year so it s great to have more flights to choose from.

The comedy dance act made the finals of the instalment of the popular competition which saw competition favourite singer Susan Boyle pitched to the top spot by dance troop Diversity. Since the competition Stavros Flatley has enjoyed nationwide success with a number of live shows and bookings for special events up and down the country. The new service from Gatwick to Larnaca will run in addition to the current British Airways route from Heathrow airport. Operating three times per week starting Sunday 2 June the flights will bring more choice to consumers looking for holidays in Cyprus joining an existing route from Gatwick to Paphos on the west coast of Cyprus.

The airline will be offering a number of flight options including hand-baggage only fares and flight and hotel packages. Peter Simpson British Airways director at Gatwick said We re delighted to launch yet another great leisure route for our customers. We add a bit of white wine vinegar to the dressing for a little zing and top the salad with almonds for crunch as well as healthy unsaturated fats.

Pair this salad with grilled chicken or fish and add any other berries you likeblueberries are especially good. Ingredients 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons light mayonnaise 2 tablespoons fat-free milk 1 tablespoon poppy seeds 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 1 ounce bag romaine lettuce 1 cup sliced strawberries 2 tablespoons slivered almonds toasted Preparation 1 Combine first 5 ingredients in a small bowl stirring with a whisk.

Divide salad evenly among 6 plates. Drizzle 1 tablespoon dressing over each serving. This sauce also pairs well with biscuits or as a stand-in for syrup on pancakes. Combine first 5 ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low gently boil 10 minutes or until sauce thickens.

Stir in butter. Spoon 1 2 cup yogurt into each of 4 bowls top each serving with about 1 4 cup sauce. Serve immediately. Restaurant advertising packages start from just The plush decor creates an atmosphere and ambiance most inviting and comfortable. There is a full open plan kitchen with all the staff on full view preparing foods from 6 nations.

Usually if a group visit a Chinese or Italian restaurant they are pressured into eating the food of that country. We enjoy serving and pleasing adventurous diners with food from Asia and Europe. The most popular dishes from the countries have been carefully chosen and vegetarians are well catered for. Childrens menu is also available. Your choice of dish is personally placed on your plate and decorated plainly obvious that the chef is bonding with you through the food as opposed to it being plonked on your plate.

Fresh fish the largest pork chop in Cyprus huge T-bone steaks and the best quality meats and spices are used. The various salads are exquisite and a choice of desserts such as fresh homemade cakes and trifles ice creams and rich Cypriot sweets are available. Arrangements are in place with local farmers who supply fresh vegetables daily. Our pizzas are extremely popular because they are started as soon as you order no part or pre-cooked nonsense We have installed a large illuminated display cabinet showing 24 pictures of the more popular choices of food as they appear on your plate.

Soon we will be serving Sunday lunch in buffet style. The best beef will be used along with fresh chicken and local veg delivered in the morning. Particular attention will be paid to this special meal and booking a table is advised. You can now choose a set menu from a selection of 3 with a cross section of dishes.

An ever increasing selection of wines both imported and local is available. Most importantly the pricing has been most carefully considered and you will be pleasantly surprised. Diners choose to eat under the stars or in the spacious main dining area. Coco s is open from 4pm everyday and is located one door away from Mac Donalds on Tomb Of The Kings Road in Paphos for easy access there is a large car park almost opposite the restaurant.

For a copy of the menu email ellenlambrou live. The volume is low and not intrusive by any way. Give us a try we aim to please www. For the most up-to-date information check out www. Entries were correct at time of writing but as events do change it s worth calling ahead to check. If you d like your event listed please contact jezebel groovejetmedia. BBQ Quiz night 7. Hammers auction viewing from 9. Doors 6.

Three weeks worth of Fat Burning Workouts with Paphos top fitness specialists to make sure you don t waste a second on useless exercises that don t burn fat. I hate the gym as I wandered around aimlessly stabbing at various pieces of equipment. And I know how to use the stuff I just don t get inspired by it. So two steps forward and three steps back seemed to be the routine. The early weight and inch loss has kept me motivated Losing 5.

Margaret Wright Boot camp Member Paphos 30 If you finally want to transform your body and your life then let us help you step by step call Justin today on 13 - Limited Spaces www. In his draft report on the UN operation in Cyprus Ban refers to his good offices mission and notes that there have been no negotiations between the leaders of the two communities since March Diplomatic sources said the report is carefully worded especially where the good offices of the Secretary General are concerned and does not give the impression that the resumption of talks for a solution of the Cyprus problem is imperative.

Ban says that the election of Nicos Anastasiades in the Republic of Cyprus on 24 February brought new hope and cautious optimism for constructive talks between the two communities and that Anastasiades met on May 30 with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu in a convivial atmosphere at a dinner hosted by Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer Special Representative and Chief of Mission Lisa Buttenheim.

The UN Secretary General also refers to various UNFICYP activities including the prevention of a recurrence of fighting and the maintenance of the military status quo demining the restoration of normal conditions and humanitarian functions the work of the Committee on Missing Persons and financial and administrative issues. Regarding the exploration for natural resources within the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus Ban notes that related tensions continued during the reporting period.

Drilling activities continued in order to verify the presence and extent of hydrocarbon resources within designated blocks to the south and south-east of the island. Turkey continued to protest the development. Following the start of a second phase of drilling activities on 14 June Turkey issued a statement confirming its position in support of Turkish Cypriot objections that such actions prejudge the rights of the Turkish Cypriot community. The statement indicated Turkey s intention to provide assistance for the exploration for natural resources by the Turkish Cypriots to the south of the island he says.

He adds that in response on 17 June Cyprus issued a statement in defence of its sovereign right to explore and exploit natural resources in its exclusive economic zone and that the statement condemned Turkey s intention to support exploration for natural resources by the Turkish Cypriots noting that such a development would increase tension in the area.

Ban calls on all parties to make every effort to avoid raising tensions which may have a negative impact on the security situation including in the buffer zone adding that it is important to ensure that any new-found wealth which belongs to all Cypriots will benefit both communities. Without doubt the discovery of offshore gas reserves constitutes a strong incentive for all parties to find a durable solution to the Cyprus problem.

It is my hope that the discovery may engender a deeper cooperation for the benefit of all stakeholders in the region he says. Regarding the work of the Committee on Missing Persons Ban notes that it continued to carry forward its bicommunal project on the exhumation identification and return of the remains of missing persons and that as of June the Committee s bicommunal teams of archaeologists had exhumed the remains of individuals on both sides of the island.

To date the remains of individuals have been returned to their respective families including 71 during the reporting period he says. In his observations Ban says the situation along the ceasefire lines remained mostly calm and stable with a low level of military violations and encourages both sides to desist from challenging the UN delineation of the ceasefire lines and consequently the demarcation of the buffer zone which only increases tensions.

He furthermore expresses concern that the financial and economic crisis affecting Cyprus has the potential to negatively impact inter-communal contacts and relations and points out the need for further contacts and confidence building measures. Enjoys betting and a good poker game. Follow on medium.

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