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I believe you know my nieces Nancy lives on S. Last time I seen you, you were beautiful child. Nice to hear from people from Harlem. The best place to ever live. Great memories. Take care. Hi Carolyn, this is Pat Maschi. I lived eth st between 1st and pleasant ave. I moved out of this great place in Hi I lived on hun7 st. My name is Nancy Savoca. Cecilla for a little while and than to St.

Greatest memories. Nancy — both my sister Connie and I knew your family well. Y father, Nunzio, owned the parking lot across from where we lived in Never forget Mrs. Hope that you are well! Lived there too and knew your family. My sister Connie, also.

My father, Nunzie, owned the parking lot and we lived in Great memories of Mrs. I lived on th street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Still a part of me. Jimmy Paolino. We all went to Holy Rosary church, up the block from us and also attended Holy Rosary school. My brothers were altar boys and we also hung out at the CYO which was in the basement of Holy Rosary. I was a tomboy and was always outside playing, stoop ball, punchball, stickball, Chinese handball, double Dutch and hopscotch.

But, what I remember the most was all of the kids outside, no parents watching their kids. It was safe and we were never afraid. There were fights and arguments but everyone watched your back. My family moved in and I am in the Bronx and my brothers are in westchester but I think I am the one with these memories and longings.

I came across this site because I am trying to locate Guiseppe Albeti Joe who also lived onth Street. His parents were Luigi and Lodovica Alberti. I believe you lived across from Holy Rosarie Church. My brother and I took our hunter safty test in I played football with Mikey Lentini.

He was the QB and I was the Half back. I lived on st. We are about the same age I think.. Vincent do you remember my brother Alfred Guglielmelli Al. We lived across the street from you and we went to Mt Carmel.

He went to Cardinal Hayes with you. Like Liked by 1 person. Of course I remember you and your brother. You went to school with my sister. Say hello to your brother and give him my email address. I am looking for a short tour of the area. My grandfather grew up at E th St!! Would like to learn more! Thanks for any info!! Hi Angela, Do you know of anyone that gives tours of Italian Harlem. Ill be there next week and would really lime to find someone who knows the neighborhood history!

My grandfather grew up at E th St. His parents came from Muro Lucano ; ! I will post your comment, and perhaps someone will see it, who can help you out. Regards, Angela. Gratzie, So to anyone that may be available and interested in sharing their knowledge about the old neighborhood I would be interested in a quote for a tour. I would be able to be in NYC Sept 3, 4, 5, or 6. Great photos Bobby Maida. Recognized 2 guys, Carmine Cioffi he was in my class at P.

Good to see Pleasant Avenue. My family arrived in E. Harlem in from Corleone, Sicily. The family name is Orlando and my dad was born on st. They lived there a few years and then moved to th. I am very interested in East Harlem history. My Grandmother and her sisters all lived on th street. My Grandmother lived on th street from to and had four children. The last name is DeStefano. My Fathers family came from Nicosia and some Uncles from Corleone they all lived on th street between 2nd and 3rd.

My name is Anna Petito. I grew up on th between 1st and 2nd. My brothers are Christy,Tommy red and Angelo. I also have cousins who owned a grocery store on a th st. Im married to Benjamin GooGoo Taddeo. He lived on th street. His sister was Chickie. I love this wesite and if there is anyone out there who remembers me and my family please let me know. My mother was Mary red and had the ice store on st.

Mt Carmel class of Anthony, how are you? I ran into your brother Ronnie in NJ about a year ago, he never changed. Your mother had her candy store in my building Hi Anna, I am your cousin. My father had a grocery store, but our store was between 2 and 3 Avenues. I know you had cousins that had a store between 1 and 2 Avenues.

My girlfriend Joanne sees your brother Chris all the time. I think Bobby Maida or someone left a reply that I had two brothers. In fact I had three brothers, Fritz, and the now deceased Tommy and Sonny. Stay well. I think you are younger than I am. Hi Phyllis, I remember your family very well. You might remember my sister Barbara she was your age.

Everyone calls me Annabel and I am a little older then you. My brother Chris lives around the corner from me. Are you living in Long Beach? Stay well and I hope to hear from you soon. I know you made your post back in April of and hopefully you will see this. I think I went to school with your sister Barbara at St. We graduated in I just left a post of my own and included many of the names of the kids that were in my class, including your sister Barbara.

If so, I hope she is well and please give her my regards. Anna, Now I remember you because you said Annabelle. I live in Oceanside. My friend plays cards with your brother, and she updates me on Chris. If anyone is from th Street please let me know. My name is Christine Termini Menniti. My name is Joe Alberti, Myself along with all of my family came from th street between 2nd and 3rd ave. Our address was E. I was the last of my family to be born there as I am the youngest.

My entire family on my fathers side came from th street and on my mothers side from th street between first and second. My mothers maiden name was DeStefano and they lived in east th st. When the city tore down the buildings to make room for the projects we moved to the Bronx and Yonkers. My entire family history is deeply entrenched in East Harlem and and th street. My family moved out of Harlem in or We also moved to the Bronx, Castle Hill. My Grandmother owned the Bldg we lived in, and when she passed away she left it to my Mom, who in turn sold it to the city, so they could tear it down.

Hi Christine, We moved out of th street in when I was 2 because they threw down the building to make way for the projects. I would be at my grandmothers house every Sunday until I was in my late teens and my grandmother moved in with us in the Bronx. Thanks for contacting me. Carmel and Oulgilia that was held on th st. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers them. I miss them and the neighborhood. HI Maryanne, remember me, Pat Maschi, my brother is Steve, we stayed at the candy store what seemed like forever.

I hope all is well with you. She looks great. I miss those days. I talk about Rosie and Tony all the time. Pat of course I remember you, my memory is blonde, short hair, tall and thin and a jacket with fur trim.

I am happy to hear that you still think of my parents. Our oldest and youngest sons live and work in Manhattan both single our middle son is an air force pilot and now lives in Maryland with his wife and our first grandchild, Charles. I am thinking of heading to the neighborhood on the 16th of July, as they are taking the statue out at 11 am, if you go , let me know and we can meet in front of the candy store. I would love to see you. I smile as I think of your brother Stevie, such a great guy,he came out to California when I lived there and had such fun with him, Michael and another friend.

Please send him my best and thanks for the shout out, it made my day. I still keep in touch with Vickie and hope to see her next week, I am going to call her right now!!!! I remember getting taffy and paddle ball. I think I remember a jukebox. Best wishes. I remember your parents well your father would always look mad while your mother was always very nice they would let us stay in the store when it would rain or be snowing or cold they were wonderful people. After playing for Cardinal Hayes football I played for zooch?

We played for 5 years and won 3 out of 5 years NYC championships. Mostly due to Mikie Lentini as quarterback. The dates are from to Then I got drafted and moved to the Bronx. We played the Jets before they became the Jets..

They were not called the jets at the time. Therefore I went to Mt Carmel also. Franklin was not good enough so I went to Hayes. They all looked out for each other right till the end. May they all rest in peace. Is the 16th the Giglio or the Blessed Mother?

I go to the feast but only on the day of the lift. My brother is well He has two small children. He played the field for way to long…lol. I think his name is Vinny. I have two sons, 1 is 23 and the other is We lived on rd St. My grandparents stayed in the neighborhood until they both passed.

Hi, Marie. My Grandparents and my Dad and his siblings were raised on rd Street E. My Dad was Tom, and my uncles were Nick and Russell. My aunt was Marie. Does our last name sound familiar at all? My grandparents also had to leave in the early s when the city bought the 6-family house, which my grandfather, Nick, inherited from his father, my great-grandfather, Tommaso Colleccino, who bought the building years earlier, and who passed away in at Love your photos, are you adding the Stick Ball photos.

I so enjoy your photos. Bobby Maida, If you have pictures from the Father and Son Annual Stickball Game, please add them to this website or please let me know where I can find them on your website. Hi my family lived on th Street and First Avenue for many years. We all attended St. Perhaps you or some of your readers remember the Corrado and Salerno Families. Would love to hear from anyone from the old neighborhood.

I am your distant cousin, Theresa. We share a great grandmother…Otilia Salerno. I know your Mom, your uncles Charlie and Bobby too. Hi Cousin…. Happy to meet you. Mom passed away in and Uncle Bobby passed last year. I will ask Uncle Charlie if he knows.

I remember Aunt Caroline very well. She used to live in the projects on Street across the street from us. Then Mom moved to the Bronx. The remaining family still lives around the Bronxville, Yonkers, Hartsdale area. I am currently living in Massachusetts with my husband of almost 42 years. I have two sons who live close by. One is having his first child any day. Where are you living? Do you have any children? Lost touch with the Castaldo family.

Are you on Facebook? I am…. Hope to hear from you again. Take care, very nice hearing from you. Hope all is well with you and the family. My name is jimmy Paolino. Anyway The name Salvatorelli rings a bell. I was wearing a Pleasant Ave stickball shirt and this very nice lady said her parents were from east harlem…. I cannot find any of the guys I know then.

One problem was I never knew their last names. I have been trying to find anyone that remembers a candy store on pleasant ave between th and th called Arnolds. Some of the guys nicknames were charlie ding ding, Philly black, fasul and yanteze. No one believes we survived without cell phone-laptops-facebook-tablet computers-twitter…..

Unfortunately, they are all gone now — we lost my father in and Aunt Jeanne, the last of the 8 passed early this year. Now since they are all gone, whatever info we can get on the family would be great — I only recently found out that my great grandmother was Otilia Salerno! Hi my family lived at east th. Went to St. We moved out of Harlem around Miss the old block and all our friends, would love to hear from the friends we rew up with.

I am married have two children and four grandchildren. My parents are both gone but have great memories. Of those times growing up in harlem. LiLived at e My father owned the parking lot across from our building. Such fond memories of the neighborhood, the feasts il Giglio, St.

Benedetto, etc. Our candy store was run by an old woman, Mrs. I was born in E th st as was most of my cousins. Joey Martini was also a very good family friend. We lived at east th st. Most of my family lived in that building. We knew Casty very well as well as Joey Martini.

They are all gone now. My family lived on for many many years. It is on Lexington and th street and I would like some info about it. Anything will help, and I would really appreciate the help! I went to school with your sister Annette. Nancy, I lived at East th St. Any relations?

Olga, yes I was married to Manuel…. His younger brother Benny also passed away about six years ago. Ironically, their Mom passed away three years ago. I think I remember you. Hi I lived on th st. Miss the old block and Feast on th st. Good memories, miss my childhood, Christine. Seven boys one girl , all the boys were bakers , I remember my grandfather telling stories of how they used to bake bread in the basements of the bakery where the ovens were, stories of my father growing up as young boy there.

I have a special feeling in my heart for east Harlem because of this is where my family got started ,we all should be proud of where we are today, but never never forget where we came from, I am glad that this web site is available to read all the stories and memories people have of east Harlem , Thank You,Robert Settimo Prestano, be proud and never forget!

Hi Robert, just found this site. Replying to you about the bakery in E. They would bake the bread in the basement. Hot, hot, hot. Remember they had sons name Eddie, Mario I believe they had another son. I remember Eddie going off to war.. We too had to leave the neighborhood when they tore down they North side of St.

We lived on from the mid 30th to 50ths. We still remember you. We also moved in to the Bronx when they tore down the buildings to build the projects. My grand father used tell us about the hard times in east Harlem being italian had to work real hard to servive he always spoke of the neighborhood with pride, but also my father would tell us stories of growing up there winters were cold and summers were hot some stories of the feast on their block my father and uncle would swim in east river, all good stories good times with a very large family.

I used to love them stories. Where in the bronx did you end up, we went up by boston road between eastchester and gun hill ,we lived on Fenton av and Burke , we had a bakery on white plains th- th,our store was mostly bread and biscotti oh yeah ravioli and pasta. Ones that I remember, Boston rd. Thanks for the reply ,Robert. Hi Robert. I just found this site today. Do you remember my dad Sal?

We made home made French Ice cream. Small world! Tommy D. I think the address was E. We lived next store to a bar. Nick, Nina is my sister and we lived at until the buildings were torn down. The buildings were owned by my uncle Vince Rao. When we had to leave Harlem most of the family moved to the Pelham Parkway area of the Bronx. So many interesting stories and so many fascinating people. It was a very special place.

My mother and father missed th street all of their lives. Looking for people who went to St. Ann or St. Moved to the Bronx when I was Miss the old block and anyone who remembers me Christine, my brothers were George and Bobby Termini. My father lived at east street , his name was Jim schiavo. He had brothers mike , tony, joe , Louie , and a sister tessie. My grandfather was Vincenzo but they called him jimmy.

My grandmother was Felicia. My fathers best friend was Lenny Masi, they worked at the bakery on first Ave. I remember the Schiavo family. Your uncle Joey used to cook for the social club in my building….. Club Aloha. Your uncle Tony is married to Delores and they lived in Yonkers. My husband and I were good friends with Delores brother JR. I remember your dad. Hi Nancy, I live at east St. I have so many memories of growing up on Pleasant Avenue.

Did you know any of my family members? Hi Joseph, I do remember your parents. Your mom was a lovely woman. As a young girl I remember your grandmother and her daughter Rose i guess this would be your aunt would always visit Celia. I believe the family was very fond of your Mom. Happy to hear she remarried. Last year Ralph celebrated his 75th Birthday which I attended. It was great to see old friends. Nice speaking with people from the old neighborhood.

I am trying to find a friend of my grandmothers. I believe his mother moved from th around that area to Williamsbridge at some point. If anyone can help me out I would SO appreciate it thank you so much. Wow I remember my uncle Joey talking about the social club, he loved to cook. Unfortunately he is gone now, so is my father and uncle tony and unle Louie. Also if you have any stories I would like to hear them. Nice talking to you. Hi Jim, Sorry to hear many of your family members are gone.

My husband Manny is also gone. He also knew your family. He too came from th Street. I remember Cosmo. His family housed the Saints…. Life was different back, very simple. IT was a community and everyone watched out for one another. Have you ever visited the old neighborhood? Jim, I lived at E th street. I remember Cosmo and his brother Dominick.

I have a vivid memory of Dominick pacing the street every day with his hands in his pocket jiggling coins — he was the local bookie. Hi Nancy, My maternal grandmother was a Laspina. Her family lived in th Street. I am searching for some people who may have know the family. I never knew my Grandmother because she died of cancer at the age of With ancestry, I am connecting some information and would love to learn more about her life.

They were from Sicily. Sure as a kid my uncle Joey would take us all around, we would go back to the old neighborhood. He would run into old friends playing cards at LuigI social club. My father moved to yonkers when he got married , and a couple of years later my grandmother and uncle Joey left Harlem. So I grew up in yonkers with all my uncles and cousins. My father always liked Sunday dinner early, and we said gravy not sauce in my house.

Also did you know my aunt tessie she is 90 now. These are some of the guys I met that were friends of my father. Also I have a picture from back then that has a bunch of people, I will try to upload it. Maybe you will recognize the people. I did know who she was. She was older than me. I Knew your uncle Joey. He was closer to my age. Your uncle Tony was very funny. I believe your uncle Mikey was there with his wife. Yes I knew jr my aunt Delores brother and she had a sister also I forget her name.

Also my aunt Josephine who married my uncle Louie was from the neighborhood also, did you know her.? Do you know how to put a picture on this site? Hi Jim, Send me the photo file. Sincerely, Angela. JR is living in SC. We keep in touch. I believe your Uncle Louie was the oldest of the boys. I think first you would scan the photo and save to your computer and then upload from your computer to the site.

Hi Nancy, If you have a vintage photo from Italian Harlem, you can email the photo file to: italianharlem gmail. Thanks, Angela. Thanks Angela. I love your site. I wish I could go back in time. I guess this is the next best thing. I will look for some photos.

Hi Elaine, I have been thinking about this Danny Beneddto guy. I believe his last name was DiBenedetto and if my memory serves right, he came from th bet. Not sure if this helps. Dear Angela…. Nothing can ever replace our neighborhood of East Harlem.

The highlight for me was living across the street from Jefferson Park were we developed lifelong friendship free from harassment and crime. God Bless our neighborhood. Hi Vincent, Thank you for answering my post. I will never forget my years in east harlem. It was the best of times. There never will be anything like it again. Vincent, I used to go to Raos all the time.

My Uncle was Angelo the Jet. My grandfather was Tommy Cheesecake. I used to stay at my grandparents apartment on E th street every summer. Those were great times. Just like you said, we never locked our doors, everyone was always welcome. Everybody knew everyone in the neighborhood. People would hang out until 6am in the summer. Does anyone know them the Carlos sister cookie, 4 brothers??

Planning on organizing a 70th party on the streets of Harlem. He had so many amazing memories. Old, Just remembering my childhood and what great memories, went to St. Then to St. Went to the Feasts with friends and having the best time just being there.

Also went to Jefferson Park with my grandparents also with friends to the swimming pools there. Anyone who came from th st. Between Lexington and third please contact me or went to St. Cecilia let me know, would love to talk about old times.

Thanks Christine Termini Menniti. My grandparents lived at E th st next to the boys club. I went to school at St. I lived at E th st. Went to Benjamin Franklin High School. Our main hangout was th between 2nd and 3rd ave. Ed Fiorella. Christine…Although my parish was Our Lady of Mt. God bless us always. Apt building was Went to school at St.

Just great memories of East Harlem. Remembering all my friends and the feasts we all went to. If anyone remembers living there send me a message here. Hi Christine, I lived East st. You may know my brother ,Jack Celentano. Beatrice was principal at that time. He graduated from St.

My parish and school was Our Lady of Mt Carmel. Let me say this — nothing ever has or will ever replace those cherished moments growing up in East Harlem. We were poor but we were happy and loved one another…Try and tell your Grandchildren or your Children that we never locked our doors — to our home, our cars.

Life was simple and beautiful we all made mistakes but one thing for sure we all loved one another…. Does any of this ring a bell? You lived next to Johnny red and Philly fat and Charles and cat. Next door to Katies candy store. Then you had a deli on Barkley Ave.

I remember your Mom Mary. His father was Giuseppe Vairo, we had several family members who stayed in New York as well, my grandfather Giavanni John Polo from Laconia as well had family in new York as well. My grandmother was Madeleine vairo from Locona Italy her father was Peter vairo and Giuseppe vairo was his father. My grandfather was Giavanni John Polo who came from Italy as well. Both had family that stayed in New York as well. My name is Vincent Casale east st circa now. On Long Island.

Growing up in the neighborhood at that time will never be duplicated and cannot be explained even to your children. So true. Jefferson Park was our day camp. Youth of today would not understand. But those were great days, if he remembers my last name is Termini, 2 brothers George and Bobby, Thanks for answering.

I lived at East th. For me being born and raised in East Harlem back in the day was the best time of my life. I would do anything to relive those days. Everything about the neighborhood was great. The Church- candy stores- the best neighbors and friends and lastly the great stories. Those who were born and raised in East Harlem and those who wished they had.

How are you, doing? I still have your number. Hello Louis…. OLMC was my church and grammar school. The important thing I tried to explain to my son and brought him to the neighboord. No clue. God Bless us all and all the wonderful people and friends we made in the neighboord. Both my grandparents settled in East Harlem when they came here from Naples. Eventually they moved to Brooklyn and raised their families there.

Hi I need someone who lived on th street in appx looking for someone it would help if anyone that would respond would be at least 75 years old thanks so much my e mail is lolasmom verizon. Nancy, Sorry to hear about Manny and his family. I remember Manny vividly because he was such a gentleman. I had a friend named Pat Patricia whose younger sister dated Manny at the time.

Could this be you? I believe you may be speaking about JoAnn who dated Manny. Sometime I amaze myself with things I remember from long ago. You are correct when you say Manny was a gentleman. He was always so nice to me. Never dreamed we would marry. He was always just a friend. Not sure if you remember me.

I believe I may be a little younger than you. I lived in …. Anyone remember the Schiavo Family, they lived at east street. Mike, Louie , Joe , tony, Jim, and Tessie. Hi Angela, I have been doing genealogy research and found out through the census that my grandmother was born in this neighborhood and lived with her family at East th st from her birth in until the family moved to Philadelphia around or so.

Do you know how I could access church records? I would like to confirm her mothers maiden name and learn as much as I can about what her life as like during those years. Her name was Annunciatta Lento and her parents were Salvatore and Cusumina. She had an older brother Gennaro born in Terranova da Sibari. There were 3 other brothers born after her, all in New York City.

Many thanks for any information, Carolyn. Carmel, which is located at East th Street. There was also another church on East th St. It was called Our Lady Queen of Angels. This church was shuttered 8 years ago.

Not sure what happened to their records. Also, St. You can begin by calling Our Lady of Mt. Also, as your grandmother was born in New York City, the Municipal Archives maintains all the records of birth for the 5 boroughs. Good Luck! Thank you very much! I have found her birth record on familysearch. I was not able to find any records of her brothers births on the Municipal archive site, ancestry, or family search which is odd.

I love your site and have had a lot of fun looking at photos and reading the various links. Where can I find the documentary Pleasant Days? I was only able to find a trailer on YouTube so far. Was it ever released? I am also interested in the history of the Italian immigration to this area.

It seems from the census that my great grandfather and many living in the same tenement as my family were bricklayers and stone Masons, etc. Was there a lot of work of this type in this area of the city? It is interesting that they came straight to East Harlem as many other cousins stayed in Lower Manhattan after arriving.

Thanks again for all you do, you have done a beautiful job with the site and with helping others! I am so appreciative. Hi Carolyn, You are most welcome! I think I can solve this conundrum, but I need to ask you a few questions. Send me an email with your phone number. My email address is: italianharlem gmail. Thank you Vincent. Some sites have said the other churches were Irish, etc. Do either you or Angela recall the building at or East th street? I know it has since been torn down.

Many thanks, Carolyn. However, with the influx of Italian immigration, and the vast amount of Italian flooding the neighborhood of East Harlem, the churches there had no other choice but to let the immigrants pray in the main area of the church.

Hence, the Vatican began to send Italian priests to the area to serve the residents of Italian Harlem. While interviewing my great aunt Columbia, she told me that the Italian immigrants had to pray in the basement, even though their blood, sweat and tears went into the painstaking building of these enormous churches!

What a resplendent moment in time that must have been for our Italian Harlem ancestors! At that time, in , my great grandfather, Stefano Puca was the only one here in America. We would drink out of the running water. This fountain was about 3 feet by 4 feet and maybe made of a marble.

I would say on the corner of St. Also if you walked further north at St. They had a kiosk on the corner. If you went east to the corner near Raos there was a guy there we called the Greek and he sold hot dogs and hot onions and a strange brew which he called orange juice.

Walk north on first 50 yards and you could get a free pint of milk on the corner of and first ave. Not so anymore. The church is stil there but do not know ethnincity. Just a handful of Italians are left in the old neighborhood. My great aunt, Columbia Pennino Altieri, lived there from birth, until she died in Beecher said.

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Most Read Most Recent. Edinson Cavani The Manchester United forward has made a big impact at Old Trafford since his move to the club in the summer. Holly Willoughby This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield shocked his co-host when he decorated the studio backstage with lots of balloons and blasted out a birthday song. Pubs Mark Robertson tipped the liquid down the car park's drain to show it is responsible for leaks in his pub as his plans to refurbish before lockdown ends are foiled.

Donald Trump Chilling new Capitol riot footage of Mike Pence fleeing Trump mob who wanted to hang him As Donald Trump's impeachment trial continued previously unseen security footage showed harrowing scenes from inside the Capitol as rioters smashed windows and fought with police.

UK "more or less free" of Coronavirus crisis by Christmas SAGE expert says Coronavirus Professor John Edmunds made the comment while warning borders need to remain "tight" and the public should be "very cautious" about travelling overseas.

Bruce Springsteen's Jeep advert axed following his arrest for drink-driving Bruce Springsteen Jeep have pulled the high-profile advert featuring Bruce Springsteen, the first of his career, after he was arrested for driving while under the influence and reckless driving. Builder wakes from coma to find he'd blown off hand and mum's roof with bedroom firework Court case Paul Carr accidentally started the blaze with the 'industrial strength' firework that destroyed his attic room while his mum and young cousin were downstairs.

Top Stories. Coronavirus rates fall more slowly in Red Wall areas than in traditional Tory seats in South where they're dropping fast - see where your area ranks Coronavirus EXCLUSIVE: Labour's data analysis for pace of decline in constituencies in its former strongholds makes for stark reading. Woman found dead a week after being raped in her home by intruder who hasn't been caught Rape Angeline Phillips was raped in her home in Salford, Greater Manchester by a man who entered her home through an unlocked back door between Larry Flynt The controversial publisher, known for launching a porn empire, has died at the age of Boris Johnson We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story.

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