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Derby betting games

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If you don't want to get that complicated, you can easily run your own pool. It's actually pretty easy. Let's say that you are taking win bets, and that people can bet in multiples of one dollar. The people who made those bets get their bets back. You can set this up easily in a spreadsheet, or there are apps available that will help you do it. The fun really happens if a horse wins that no one has bet on.

You could refund the money, but that's boring. It's more interesting if you donate it to charity, or if you have another contest of some sort to decide who gets the cash. Auction action: If you don't want to deal with running your own mutuel betting an easier, and often more fun, way to do it is through an auction. You can offer each horse up for sale and throw all the money into a pot. The person who owns the winning horse gets all the money. The fun of this approach is that the favorites usually go for big money - Justify would have drawn some insane money last year - but you can pick up the last few horses in a few for very little money.

So, in a year like when Mine That Bird shocked the world, chances are very good that whoever bought him in auctions would have paid almost nothing for him, and they would have been in for a sweet payday. If you want to get a little creative and have more fun, you can split up the field in ways other than just horse by horse.

You can auction horses off by trainer - with three of the favorites in the field this year, Bob Baffert will go for a massive price. You can have a lot of fun going by the colors of the horses as listed in the program or splitting the field up by the state they ran their last race in. There is really no limit to the ways you can set up your action. If you don't feel like messing around with the options above, there are other simpler ways to allow people to have a rooting interest in the race.

The advantage of these approaches is that there is no skill involved, so if your guests don't have a lot of handicapping skill this could be the way to go. Sell envelopes: Put the name of each horse inside an envelope and seal it up. Make sure that you can't see the name through the envelope. People get to pick an envelope when they pay for it, but they don't open it.

After the race has been run, people take turns opening their envelope to see who has the winner's name inside. That person gets the whole pool and bragging rights for the year. People are of course free to trade, sell or barter their envelopes any time before they are opened, too. Kentucky Derby betting square: A betting square is a fixture at any Super Bowl party. You can easily adapt it to work for the Derby. The easiest way to do it is by betting the exacta.

There are 20 horses in the field. On one side of the square you list each of those numbers. That's the win side. On the opposite side you again list all those numbers, and that is the horse that finishes second. You have to cross out the squares where the same numbers meet - a horse can't finish both first and second in the race.

Start off the bidding for the "show" or third place position with the Run the bidding just like an auctioneer would -- you know, "Going once, going twice" and all that jazz. Collect the money from the highest bidder and then repeat the process for each horse down the column for the "show" position. Repeat the above paragraph for the "place" or second place position.

Then repeat for the "win" or first place position. After the race is run, the person who bought the horse in the "win" column that actually wins the race wins the total amount bet in the "win" column. The person who bought the horse in the "place" column that actually came in second wins the total amount bet in the "place" column. This guide prepares you for Kentucky Derby Day, linking to best sources for race history and traditions, race coverage, travel advice and party-throwing tips, as well as where to bet the Kentucky Derby.

This section will help you plan the perfect Kentucky Derby party at home. Party supplies are sold in the Derby Store. If you find any of our products on the web at a lower price, let us know and we will honor that price for your web order. To add to the excitement of the day, everyone enjoys a having a stake in picking the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Using your 'Win' Tote Tickets, our Wooden Jackpot Horses or slips of paper mark the choice of your guest for the Derby race by the horse's number or name. Betting will be for 'Win' only and the guests may buy as many tickets as they wish. When the race is over and the winner declared, count the winning tickets and divide that amount into the total money bet and you have the payoff for each winning entry.

For simplicity's sake, we suggest that one person be designated as the 'bookie' and handles the sales of the 'Win' tickets as well as distribution of the payoffs. Try to find a small cash box -- a cigar box will do -- and keep your receipts in it. If you receive the simulcast of all the races, start with race 1 and go from there. Another idea is to list the post positions of the horses running in the Derby.

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Part of the fun of this game is betting on your horse. So, as your guests arrive at your party, give each six fake dollars, which can be Monopoly money or money you make on your computer and mass print. Your guests can bet on the horses they chose when spinning the bottle, then see who wins when the race begins! If you play other party games with fake dollars, the guest with the fakest money at the end of the party wins the Derby Prize, which can be a bottle of bourbon, a horseshoe flower chain to go around their necks, or whatever derby themed prize you choose.

There are a lot of horse terms and derby lingo that many of us are not familiar with. Get your guests into the derby mood by teaching them some of it with a party game. Game and is a little less in-depth, but still quite fun. It begins long before derby day, so your guests can get pumped for your Kentucky Derby party. When inviting your guests, include a different derby related word on a card with each invitation, and direct the guests to bring the card with the term on it and something to the party that has to do with the proper derby use of this term.

In the invitation, also explain that they must keep their term secret. As guests arrive at your party, have them drop their term cards in a designated Kentucky Derby hat. While waiting for the race to begin, have everyone display their items on a table and stand back.

If someone is wearing their item, they must stand by the table. The first guest to grab the correct item for each card wins a fake dollar of your design, which can be used in other party games, or the person with the most can win a derby related prize. This game from Celebration Ideas Online is a lot of fun and gets guests feeling like they are actually at the Kentucky Derby. It takes some planning, research, and prep beforehand, but it will be so worth it.

The game is a more passive one, so your guests can participate at any time while they wait for the derby to begin. As guests arrive, they are each given three fake dollars and instructed to write their names on the backs of their dollars. Tell the guests these dollars are for the betting table, and all bets need to be placed before the race begins. Inside, you will have set up a table with ballot boxes on it, one for each horse and labeled as such.

At their leisure, guests can place their fake dollars in whichever ballot boxes they wish. Just before the derby begins, announce that the betting table is closed and no more bets will be accepted. By this time, your guests will all be interested in the derby, and will likely cheer on the horses as the race progresses.

Once it is over, divvy out the winnings according to the real race. The staple drink of the Kentucky Derby is the mint julep, which contains bourbon. Make sure you stock up on alcohol for this game, or ask everyone to bring a bottle of their own to share. Sometimes the song seems to go on for quite a while, and sometimes it actually does.

Gather up your guests that want to participate in this drinking game and grab your stop watch. Horse betting online took rise in the s. Before that horse gambling had to take place on the tracks. As the internet developed, so did online betting horses.

Now, almost all major race tracks have their betting platform. Allowing bettors to place live bets from anywhere in the world. Because of the variety of betting websites. Serious racebooks will use incentives to catch your attention. Encouraging you to place better or more bets. Betting online is a convenient way to bet on horse racing.

It can be done anywhere, and at any time. If you schedule doesn't allow you to make a trip to the track, online is perfect. Finding the best horse racing gambling site is a personal choice. Everyone has a different incentives that attract them. Every betting website will offer different bonuses and rewards.

Make sure you bet on the Kentucky Derby. That's because betting on the Kentucky Derby is a great way to get a good return on investment. However, Horse racing betting sites got a carve-out. They did this by only allowing pari-mutuel pools. This loophole allows any state to place an online horse racing bets. Online horse racing betting is a great way to get your bet out there.

Allowing even a bettor with a business schedule to place a bet.