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Hay posibilidad de que en un futuro puedan venir nuevos equipos partners para esta entrega, como paso con la SS Lazio. A estos se los conoce como equipos partner. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

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We value our patients' experience at Bettinger Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. Would you like to switch to the accessible version of this site? Go to accessible site Close modal window. Don't need the accessible version of this site? Hide the accessibility button Close modal window.

Accessibility View Close toolbar. Testimonials We value our patients' experience at Bettinger Chiropractic Center. After getting an MRI, I decided to seek Chiropractic treatment at another facility, to no or very little avail. In July I gave Dr. Bettinger a call. After three adjustments, my symptoms dissipated. Bettinger is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa where she was taught advanced techniques that I've yet to encounter in any other Chiropractor.

Give Dr. P eters, D. Wollery, D. Stanley Sec. Troyan, L. Riancho, A. Pickle, C. Lon g,. Menke, D. Ri ch, J. Bohse, C. Baker, O. Berger, J. Davis, R. Ier Stud ent Council , G. Fehrman, R. Burgmeier, E. Davi s, F. Middle Row : T. Doerfler, E. Bereda, R. Burkhardt, B. Ali g, W. Bramlage, D. De Bord, F. Ai cher, M. Achbarh, F. Allen, L. Andrews, J. Abell, F. Detmer, J. Eifert , R. Burris, J. Blake, J. Bramlage, J. Dirckx, W. Burger, W. Chifala Sec. Bettinger, J. Browne, R. Burke Pres.

H erbert, T. Bistrek, P. Fettig, V. Klo stel'lnan, D. Fischer, T. Hennessey Pres. Hutzel, T. Kreitzer, J. Goldschmidt, E. Fuchs, J. Girardot, T. Harm, T. Hikel, J. Haines, A. King, J. Ja sinski, P. Finke, J. Glynn, L. Kavanaugh Student Council , H. Gllhert, H. Klo sterman, C. Kohr, R. Koesters, R. Frollt Row: C. Holtman, R. Kammer Sec.

Hopkin s Treas. Kai ser, P. Hagan Vice. Kennedy, T. Greene, T. Hackett, J. Jon es, E. Koogler, B. Top Row: T. Muth, R. O'Reilly, J. Myers, D. Monaghan, M. Meyer, D. Montgomery, W. Maher, T. Lang, P. Pazitney, D. Placke Sec. Kuhbander, J. Michael, p. Middle Row: R. Powell, S. Nolan, L. O'Neal, J. Neal, B. Krimm, R. Miller, R. Murphy, 1. French, C. Raiff, C. Redmon Pres. Loges, J. Leingang, J. Nellis Student Council. Frollt Row: 1. Murray, J. Neubauer, F. Pavelka, P. McEnroe, R. Lienesch, P.

Pancake, 1. McCarthy, J. Lienesch, R. Lawrence, C. Vergamini Pres. Trick, J. Tarlano, F. Wolfe, T. Wittman, G. Rohrer, J. Wolf Treas. White, M. Renner, D. Russell, J. Schons, F. Weinrich, A. Middle Row: E. Rosengarten, J. Staeuble, L. Schirtzinger, J. Tangeman, R. Soder, P. Meyer, T. Sawyer, R. Renner, L. Ross, D:Stelzer, M. Johnson Sec. Wolf, L. Stegeman, R. Scanlon Student Council. Front Row: D. Smith, W. Thomas, M. Royer, R.

Steffen, J. Scheiner, E. Ruf, D. Wehner, T. Roth, J. Shons, D. Sander, 1. Wessels, R. Zimmers, D. Smith, F. Blesi, T. Grusenmeyer, G. Koverman, R. Lesko, J. Leitschuh, V. Middle Row: G. Brasher, D. Smith, L. Goubeaux, M. Schuer, R. Rentz, N. Staub, P. Mauro, E. Vincent, D. Dougherty, F. Front Row: L. Fox, N. Thobe, M. Behrer, J. Lomm, D. Raiff, R. Lee, T. Cunningham, A. Mikula, T. Kaminski, G. Bahnsen, G. Brinkman, R. Top Row: V. Kozak, R. Fecher, J. Pres tel, R.

Bir, T. Evers, K. Huelsman, B. Borchers Pres. Loeber, D. Schaefer, T. Shawhan Sec. Middle Row : S. Schiml, J. Keogh, D. MOil, W. Raymann, J. Shea, J. Patko Treas. H eil, E. Luken, J. LaPorte D. Brunner, D. Mahle, J. Middlebrook, J. Werling, D. Cook, T. H eyl, F. Riddle, K. Smith, D. Heine, C. Au stin, M. Meyers, T. DiIlhoff Student Council. Basketball, ex tra. Officer Bob gives us a few pointers on safety.

To,P Row: J. Hilgeford, T. Campbell, E. Koehler, E. Beck, A. Barthman, F. Farrell, R. DeCamp, J. Ceiger, W. Doersam, R. Douglas, R. Daugherty Treas. Brunner, T. Heckman, J. Conner Pres. Brechak, C. Extevez Sec. Danielewicz, J. Dahill, D. Crieshop, R. Hockaday, S. Ernst, R. Bonfig Vice.

Brown, C. Baxter, L. Habodasz, R. C"e ntile, S. Charlton, T. Smith, P. Sule, J. McCrate, R. Walters, T. Schultz, J. Neary, E. Schwieterman, C. Vorhees, C. Lingg, D. Mantle, J. Rentz, T. Front Row: R. Zwiesler, B. Ostendorf, M. Tarkany, R. Winters," J. Lewis Pres, Student Council , C. Tritschler Sec. Mauro Treas. Morrella, W. Seiser, D. Wagner, W T eon, R. Bandy Sec. Slaler Tull"s, D. Burkha,' I, h. McEldowney, o ida H. Nielsen, D.

Hauer, F. Fortkamp, D. Wuerstl; In. O'Donnell, J. Wolf, F. Goubeaux, Helmi, 1. MeInl re, A Aman, J lark, R. Shutz Sludent Council , R. Schoenberger, J. Absent: T. Agnew Pres. Row : R. Caporal Pres. Bryant, T. Wenzel, R. Johnston, J. Kraus Sec.

Ferdelman, B. T epe, T. Versic, B. Mehall Student Council , R. Haag, T. Burke, 'JI. Clarke Treas. Middle Row: C. Monnin, N. Affourtit, L. Ruf , 1. Burger, P. Wolf, P. Powers, W. Stengel, 1. Wening, Sawaya, J.

Vyszens ki- R. Reboulet, D. Webe,', D. Schrein, E. Farkas, W. Steiner, J. Hildebrand; D. Allgyer, D. Huber, H. Valiquette, R. Tischer, M. A bsent : D. Ke y, R. Top Row: W. Brinkman Pres. Me ers, J. Wagner, R. Arkenberg, L. Michel, J.

Moon, C. Janning, W. Stamper, R. Kerby, V. Sipos, T. Dunn' an, H. Ammann, T. Bruggeman, F. Hickertz, J. Lynch, D. Hickey, W. Thoma, D. Wuerstl, R. Batsche, D. Elworth, J. Lafferty Vice. Front Row: 1. Allen, 1. Barhorst, R. Sbane, J. Dreru , W. Powers, N. Huesman, J. Tobe, R. Alig, R. Absent: P. Mink, D. Zimm uan Pres. Pytel Treas. Sloan, C. Ou, R. Stine, L. Reich, R. Fecher, W.

Wegerzyn Vice. Middle Row: c aff, P. Banker Sec. McMillan, 1. Dwyer, 1. Davis, D. Lensch, L. Roderer, L! Front Row: A. Nicolai, A. Jablinski, E. Fischer, J. Froning, P. Karl, D. Mader, J. Demeter, N. Laquaglia, R. Good, N. Absent: V. DeVanney Student Council , C. R einert, J. Stafford, R. Dudley, H. Sc huder, D. Blatz, R. H eid enreicl'l,"TNie. Wourms, usse Ice. Schmidt Pr. Bir, A. Sc ommer, T. MrDonald, J. Gehrich, J.

Leo, J. Hinders, E. Kuntz, E. Staron, N. Monnig, N. Wissn lan. Baunga rdner. Mcilvain, W. Norris, D. Powell, D. Ja ckowski , P. Schn eid er, E. Kellnedy, R. Rumpl e, A. Gacce tta Pres. Zimm er. Frollt Ro w: R. Mercuri, P. Alexand er, T. Needham, R. Boudurant Treas. Brun, J. Walker Student Council , T. Coro ett Sec. Suhr, T. Pfeiffer, S. Dorsten Vice-Pres. Fi schel' Sec. I imo ert,. Evel's, K. Shumard, J.

Cable, J. Huel sman, D. L emons, R. Goecke tu ent Coun cil , R. Stein l"Pres. Middle Ro w : E. Scarpelli, E. Kohl', M. Ma er Tr eas. Mangan, J. Greger, J. Vickers, J. Du gan, att erson, J. Kappen, J. Suttman , D. Gebhar t, B. Martin, J. Martin, D. Daly Vice-Pres. Wolf, R. Hardin, P. Trzeciak, R. A boy started school here last year.

A boy who desired the education of Chaminade above all others. He had no more time. His name was simply, Robert Smith. He died violently opposing a wrong. Will those of listless spirit remember this and try a little harder. A rather quiet boy, but possessing an eternal smile from ear to ear, and willing to lend a hand at all times.

We miss that jovial disposition, but we feel confident that that happy exterior bespoke a happy and well-ordered interior. We shall remember you and Dad, but remember us lnore. The trend of modern education is to give to young men today a liberal High School education.

In our Catholic High Schools, however, this not only means the development of the mind through academic subjects, but also the bogy through athletic activities, the soul through sound Catholic teachings, participation in various religious activities, and last but not least, the character, personality and responsibility by means of extra-curricular activities.

Hence, this section of the yearbook is devoted in a pictorial manner to activities in which our students participate, thus enabling them to achieve this phase in the development of their character. Through the cooperation of the four divisions working together as one big family on the various projects, they are granted the opportunity of developing skills which will provide the impetus and foundation for successful careers after graduation.

Top Row! With 10hn McCarthy as Prefect, these groups participate in a general mee ting ever y six week s. The Sodality consists of students who have a special love for Mary, and a desire to better them selves spiritually. Working towards its ultimate aim, "Filial Piety," the program of the Sodality is one of prayer, study and Catholic Action.

B y making better m en of its m embers, the Sodality hopes to attain its goal, leadin g the world to Mary. To accomplish this goal, these followers of Mary encouraged the carryin g and saying of the Rosary, daily Mass project and Parish Communion Sundays. The Sodality's Bi g Three: Fr.

An excellent opportunity for Confession is pro. Representatives of Marianist schools from Pittshurgh to St. Louis met to exchange ideas in informal discussions on matters pertinent to the development and works of the sodality. The convention opened Friday aftel'l1oon with a keynote address hy Father Seitz, followed by reports on the activities of the various sodalities.

After supper and a roundtable discussion on the sodality's method of. Discussions and talks on Marian topics filled the schedule for the following days. Credit for the convention's success must go to Father Darby and Chaminade's moderators for their excellent foresight and planning. All who attended the convention agreed that it wa s most instructing, entertaining, and one of the best yet.

Absent: John Schmid. Officers: R. Poeppelmeier, Treas. Nealon, Sec. Fisher, Pres. Klenk, V. These nine leaders have been outstanding in scholastic endeavors by maintaining an over-all average of ninety percent or above and a character rating of ninety-five percent or better throughout a four year period. Each has displayed leadership in at least two extra-curricular activities of the school. We look up to these aggressive scholars for inspiration in the future. They were, with the.

The Student Senate is an organization, with a representative from each class, which has the authority to vote on and arrange scholastic and extra-curricular activities for the students. Top Row: M. Brown, R. D iII hoff, J. Mencsik, R. Hill, J. Walker, B. Mehall, 1. Dayspring, M. Nellis, K. Middle Row: D. Meyer, R. Cottman, E. Ryan, R. ShUlz, R. Scanlon, M. Front Row: V. De Vanney,. BOSI, E. Zimmerman, J. Schroeder, R. Heck, J.


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